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Unaccompanied Tours Support Newsletter

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FLO Website Feature: Options for Teaching Overseas

flologoThe Family Liaison Office’s (FLO) Teaching Overseas webpage has useful information about teacher training, resources for identifying positions, teacher certification, Fulbright Teacher Exchange programs and more.
Email FLO’s Education and Youth team with questions: FLOAskEducation@state.gov.

Resources to Help You Prepare for Leaving Post

flologoResources to Help You Prepare for Leaving Post
Transition season is upon us and now is a good time to tap into the many resources the Family Liaison Office’s (FLO) Crisis Management and Support Services team provides to all employees and families under Chief of Mission authority. The following links can help you prepare for your next move.
The Personal Preparedness Plan – helps with organizing your personal documents; remember to hand-carry important documents that you will need when you land at your final destination.

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Learn a New Language with Distance Learning Courses (FLO)

FSI’s School of Language Studies will be offering online distance language courses for the Fall 2013 semester starting September 9, 2013. These are 12- or 14-week courses involving multimedia activities and the guidance of a mentor, and can be a great way to learn languages outside of the classroom. This semester they are offering courses in 15 different languages, at a variety of levels. Details of the courses are in the ALDAC (STATE 111318). Enroll now as some courses fill up quickly.

Enrollment is available and free to direct-hire Department of State employees, their EFMs and MOHs while on orders. Other agency personnel and their family members may enroll through their Washington offices on a reimbursable and space-available basis.

Students can enroll directly via their CDO, or by visiting the FSI Registrar’s Course Catalog on OpenNet at
http://fsi.state.gov/rd.asp?ID=285. EFMs/MOHs can enroll through the CDO of their employee sponsor.

Contact OnlineLanguage@state.gov for more information

New Guidance Resources in CLO

FLO has sent a number of new or replacement brochures to CLO. We have multiple copies of some and only single copies of others. Please check the brochure holder outside of the CLO office if you see something on the list below which interests you.  If you don’t find it, please just ask CLO.

  • FLO Services Brochure
  • FLO: Education and Youth
  • Foreign Service Youth Foundation Brochures
  • Unaccompanied Tour Information Postcards
  • FLO Business Cards
  • InfoQuest Brochures
  • MED/Employee Consultation Service Brochures
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program Materials
  • Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training Brochures
  • PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) Materials

Recipients of 2013 AFSA Awards Announced

The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) announced recipients of its 2013 awards and honored them at an awards ceremony on June 27 at the Department of State. These include:

Award for Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy (in recognition of a distinguished Foreign Service career and a lifetime of public service)
Ambassador George W. Landau
William R. Rivkin Award for Constructive Dissent (mid-level Foreign Service officer) Theodore Lyng
W. Averell Harriman Award for Constructive Dissent (entry level Foreign Service officer) James T. Rider

Awards for Exemplary Performance: Avis Bohlen Award (for Eligible Family Member) Leah Evans, Embassy Kyiv
Nelson B. Delavan Award (for Office Management Specialist)
Mikkela Thompson, Embassy Dhaka

M. Juanita Guess Award (for Community Liaison Officer)
Elizabeth Jenkins, Embassy Caracas
Jessica McVay, Embassy Khartoum


FLO: June Courses at FSI’s Transition Center

flologoJune Courses at FSI’s Transition Center:
06/01: Transition to Washington, DC for Foreign-Born Spouses (MQ302) (Saturday Course)
06/03 – 06/04; 06/17 – 06/18, and 06/24 – 06/25: Security Overseas Seminar (MQ911)
06/10: Communicating Across Cultures (MQ802) (Saturday Course)
06/13 – 06/14: Study Abroad Administrators SOS (MQ918)
06/13 – 06/14: Regulations, Allowances, and Finances in the Foreign Service Context (MQ104)
06/19: Maintaining Long Distance Relationships (MQ801) (Evening Course)
06/22: Protocol and U.S. Representation Abroad** (MQ116) (Saturday Course)
06/24 – 06/25: Young Diplomats Overseas Preparation (MQ250)
06/27: Basics for Overseas Employment (MQ703)

For further information, email the FSI Transition Center at FSITCTraining@state.gov or visit the FSI Transition Center website at www.state.gov/m/fsi/tc/fslstraining/searchbymonth/index.htm

Transition and Re-entry for Children and Young Adults

From the FLO-CLO Weekly:

During a move, children will go through the same phases of culture shock that their parents do. In many ways it is worse because they have no control over the situation, and sometimes not enough information. Nobody asks them if they want to move. Decisions about where and when and how to move are usually made by the par-ents. Grief for the life they are leaving, fear of the unknown future, social anxiety, and aca-demic stress are an inevitable part of the moving process. Parents cannot eliminate these feelings, but they can lessen the intensity. Continue reading


FLO: Professional Development Fellowship


Family Member Employment

Information and Resources
This is the second in a series on family member employment by Nicole Schaefer McDaniel. The first installment was featured in the February issue of Global Link.
As part of my series on family member employment, I have been engaged in
many conversations with FS spouses/partners. It quickly became obvious to me that an important first step toward improving the employment situation is to take a closer look at the information we currently have on working family members. That information is summarized in this article, accompanied by important (and often overlooked) resources for spouses/partners who are seeking employment both at post and in the US. Most of the information comes from the Family Liaison Office (FLO). When possible, I include an Internet link.

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FLO: Considering an Unaccompanied Tour?

The Family Liaison Office (FLO) will conduct an interactive “Orientation Session” by conference call on February 1, 2013 from 9:00.a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.  This program is designed for USG direct-hire employees preparing for or serving on long-term TDY and permanent change of station assignments to unaccompanied posts and their family members (spouse, partner, Members of Household, adult children, parents, siblings).  Continue reading

FLO GEI: Things That Make Your Resume Look Old


Things That Make Your Resume Look Old


By the editors of DoostangExcerpted with permission from www.wetfeet.com.


Your resume is a representation of you to a recruiter or prospective employer, so don’t date yourself by making an old-fashioned first impression.


Here are 9 red flags that will instantly make your resume appear outdated:


1. The one page rule. Don’t spend countless hours trying to squeeze a decade or two of valuable experience onto a single sheet of paper. The one-page resume no longer rules, as today’s hiring manager is more likely to be scrolling down on a screen than flipping to the next page. Continue reading

FLO Weekly: Overseas Briefing Center-Online

Information on 35 Domestic Posts Now Available through OBC

The Overseas Briefing Center (OBC) now has domestic assignment briefing boxes for 35 U.S. locations, including all Diplomatic Security field offices. The OBC’s domestic post information is accessible a variety of ways:
on the Internet (http://www.state.gov/m/fsi/tc/c20448.htm)
at the OBC
from OBC’s Post Info to Go resource (Intranet: http://fsi.state.gov/fsi/tc/epb/epb.asp)

Online, OBC provides bidders with key website links to learn relocation essentials for selected cities. In the Center itself, briefing box folders contain city-specific relocation information, cost of living comparisons, CultureGrams domestic guides, office vicinity and store maps, city magazines and brochures, Frommer’s activity guides, and information on neighborhoods, schools, transportation, and housing.

Employees and family members posted domestically can help OBC add to its collection of resources by filling out a
Personal Post Insight for a domestic assignment (form is on the Internet: http://www.state.gov/m/fsi/tc/ppi/index.htm). These become part of the Post Info to Go resources.

Contact an OBC Resource Specialist at FSIOBCInfoCenter@state.gov for more assistance. OBC will also email items.

FLO Weekly: AFSA Scholarship Applications

flologoAFSA College Scholarship Applications Now Available

The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) is offering merit awards and college scholarships to children of Foreign Service employees. AFSA is accepting applications for: Continue reading

FLO Weekly: Access Cultural Information

flologoAccess Cultural Information on More than 200 Countries

Looking for more detailed cultural information on your current or potential onward assignment? The Overseas Briefing Center (OBC), a division of FSI’s Transition Center, offers access to CultureGrams, an online research tool that provides detailed cultural information on more than 200 countries. Continue reading