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Festa Junina 2016: Celebrations Around Brasilia


Festa Junina season is here! Dust off your straw hat and join in this traditional Brazilian country-style festival that features dance performances, traditional foods, and fun for the whole family.

Guide to Festa Junina Celebrations in Brasilia

June 10-12



Arraiá Legis 2016

The party has typical food stalls, crafts and games and its musical attractions singer Dorgival Dantas, the Baiao band two and country music concerts. Entry: R $ 30 (full price) and R $ 15 (half). Not recommended for children under 16 years.

When: Friday, June 10

From 8 p.m.

Where: Ascade Club (map)



Arraiá na Acadimia

Tents of typical foods of country and gang presentations and more than ten attractions, including Peter Paul & Matheus, William & Marlon, Rick & Rangel and Só Pra Xamegar. Entry: R $ 30 (half atecipado). Not recommended for children under 18 years.

When: Friday, June 10-Saturday, June 11

From 5 p.m.

Where: Academia de Polícia Militar de Brasília (map)


Arraiá do Seminário

Presented by the Archdiocesan Seminary of Brasilia Our Lady of Fatima (Shis, QI, 17, A / E, S / N). June 11. Saturday from 19h to 00h. Stalls of typical foods, dance presentation, play and show the double Djacy and Leomar are attractions at night. Free entrance. For all ages.

When: Sunday, June 12

From 7 p.m.

Where: Seminario Maior Nossa Senhora de Fátima  (map)



June 2-4


Festa Junina do Iate 2016

Featuring live music, ethnic food, and games. Entrance is free for members, and R$20-R$40 for non-members, with half price tickets for children and the elderly.

When: Thursday, June 2-Saturday, June 4

From 7 p.m.

Where: Iate Club de Brasilia, SCEN Trecho 02 Conjunto 04 (map)


Arraiá do Villa

A one-night celebration featuring shows with Humberto e Ronaldo, Jefferson Moraes, Mr Babão, banda Zabumbazul e o DJ Jonnes Veloso. Tickets are R$40 for women, and R$60 for men.

When: Friday, June 3

From 8 p.m.

Where: Villa Mix Brasilia, SHTN Trecho 02, Conjunto 5 (map)


Festa Junina sem Glúten e sem Lácteos (gluten and lactose free)

A celebration for those with diary restrictions, this will feature gluten and lactose free versions of the traditional foods.

When: Friday, June 3

From 6 p.m.

Where: Nutrichef Brasilia, SHIN CA 02, Bloco A, Loja 4 (map)


Arraiá da AABB

Live music and stalls of traditional foods and games. Free for members, R$20 for non-members.

When: Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4

From 4 p.m. (Friday) and 5 p.m. (Saturday)

Where: AABB, SCES Trecho 02, Conjunto 16/17 (map)


Festa Junina do Clube Nipo

A traditional Festa Junina with a Japanese twist–traditional fun with sushi and other Japanese cuisine available. Entry R$10 for adults, and R$5 for kids.

When: Friday, June 3-Sunday, June 5

From 6 p.m.

Where: Clube Nipo, Setor de Clube Sul, Trecho 1, Lote 1 (map)







Festa Junina at Catedral Militar Rainha da Paz, June 10-12

For more information, please click here.

Arraiá Dus Chefs, Gourmet Festa Junina at Pontão Lago Sul, July 10-11


Chefs of the best Brasilia restaurants come together to unite the fine cuisine and the world of Festa Junina.

Prepare a plaid shirt, boots and straw hat and come down to “Arraiá Dus Chefs”, the first gourmet June Festival of Brasilia.
The most renowned city Chefs will prepare a menu and, of course, treats the traditional June festivals, prepared in gourmet version.

The “Arraiá Dus Chefs” aims to give a more glamor to the June festivities. Inspired by the successful formulas of high gastronomy events at popular prices, the Arraiá joins the typical ingredients of June festivals with the highest cuisine of famous chefs.

Participating Chefs

– Dudu Camargo (Dudu Camargo) Chef Dudu Camargo
– Ana Toscano (Villa Borghese) Villa Borghese
– Wenceslas Calaf (Calaf Bar) http://outrocalaf.com.br/
– Daniela Loyola (French Patisserie) French Confectionery
– Rosario Tesier (Trattoria da Rosario) Rosario’s Trattoria
– Alexandre Rigon (Santé 13) Santé 13
– Luiza Jabour (Sweet Cake) Sweet Cake Buffet
– Gil Guimarães (Parrilla Madrid) Parrilla Madrid
– Paul Maurice (Ilê Seafood) Ilê Fruits Sea
– Lui Veronese (Raw Creative Desk) Raw Creative Desk
– Narciza Leon (Pizza Park) Pizza Park

When: July 10 and 11

5 p.m.

Where: Pontão Lago Sul

Tickets: R40+

Where to buy tickets:  Free Corner Stores Group (Gilberto Solomon, 304 South, 308 South, Southwest) ; Zimbrus Brasilia (Pier 21, South 305). http://www.bilheteriadigital.com.br

For more information: http://www.facebook.com/events/1656101991290960/

Festa Junina Celebrations in Brasila


For an additional list of upcoming Festa Junina Celebrations with more information, please click here.

As festas religiosas

5/6 — Arraial do Seminário N. Senhora de Fátima, Lago Sul, às 19h30
5, 7, 12 e 14/6 — Arraial do Santuário Santo Antônio, Asa Sul, às 19h
5 a 7/6 — Arraial da Paróquia Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, Asa Sul, às 19h
5 a 7/6 — Arraial da Paróquia Nossa Senhora do Rosário
6 e 7/06 — Arraial da Paróquia Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Pompéia, Vila Planalto, às 19h
12/6 — Arraial da Fateo, SGAS 914, às 19h
19 e 20/6 — Arraial da Paróquia São Pedro de Alcântara,  Lago Sul, às 18h
26 e 27/6 — Arraial da Paróquia Sagrado Coração de Jesus e N. Sra. das Marcês, Asa Sul, às 19h
26 e 27/6 — Santuário São Francisco de Assis, Asa Sul, às 20h
26 e 27/6 — Arraial do Movimento Escalada, na 912 Sul, às 19h (sexta) e às 18h

6/6 — Arraial do Villa Mix Brasília, às 22h
Ingressos: de R$ 40 a R$ 100, a meia-entrada
Local: Villa Mix Brasília — SHTN Trecho 2, Conj. 5, Vila Planalto (ao lado do Espaço da Corte)
6/6 — Chá da Alice Edição Charraiá, às 22h30
Ingressos: de R$ 30 a R$ 70
Local: Victoria Haus — SAAN Quadra 1
5 e 5/6 — Festa Joanina, às 19h
Ingressos: R$ 40
Local: Minas Brasília Tênis Club
12 e 13/6 — Arraial na Acadimia 2015 , às 19h
Ingressos: de R$ 30 a R$ 100
Local: Academia de Polícia Militar — Setor Policial Sul
13 e 14/6 — Festa Junina Lar dos Velhinhos Maria Madalena, das 16h à 0h
Ingressos: R$ 10
Local: SMPW Trecho 3, Área Especial 1 — Park Way
26 e 27/6 — Festa Junina do Country Club, às 19h
Ingressos: R$ 40 (sexta) e R$ 50 (Sábado)
Local: Brasília Country Club — SMPW Quadra 27, Conj. 3, Parkway
13/6 — 14ª Festa Japonina na Associação Nipo de Vargem Bonita Brasília, às 18h
Entrada franca
Local: Associação Nipo de Vargem Bonita — SMPW, Área Especial 1, Núcleo Rural Vargem Bonita
12 e 13/6 — Festa Junina do M, às 19h
Entrada franca
Local: Bloco M da 415 Norte

13/06 — VIII Arraiá da Justiça Federal, Entrada franca, Local: 510 Norte, BLOCO C, Edifício Sede III

13/6 — Arraiá do Dotô 2015, às 21h
Local: AMBr — Setor de Clubes Sul Trecho 3,
Conjunto 6
18 a 20/6 — Festa Junina do Iate Clube
Ingressos: R$ 50 para não sócios
Local: Iate Clube de Brasília — Setor de Clubes Norte, Trecho 2
26 e 27/6 — Arraiá da AABB, às 22h
Local: AABB — SCES Trecho 2, 16/17, Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul

The Festa Junina Dresses

ProfilepicBy Kate Romero

Edit: This column originally appeared in the Papagaio in June of 2013.  Therefore, most of the information in this post is no longer relevant, other than the title, which has ‘Festa Junina’ in it. I’ve also since discovered that Festa Junina dresses can be purchased for a good price at Feira do Guará. Man, I would look great in one of these. I think I’m going to buy one and wear it to pick my husband up from the airport. He hasn’t seen me in three months. I think the look on his face when he sees me in one of these get-ups will be priceless.

IMG_5611 (Large)

It’s that busy time of year when my eye starts twitching from the unfortunate combination of poor time management and too much going on.  It’s the end of the school year (goodbye parties, finals, forms to fill out, field day, yearbooks to buy, blahblahblah) and we’re preparing for a move to a different house. At the same time, we’re planning for home leave in a few weeks and I’m trying to make a bunch of appointments in the US  (Okay, that’s kind of a lie, I haven’t made a single appointment, but I HAVE mapped out which dentists are closest to Designer Shoe Warehouse, and that’s practically the same thing).  And then I just got an email from the school saying our twins need Festa Junina dresses for a program at school.  Now, in order for me to plan to go out to a store and find a place to park and speak my cruddy portuguese and just generally be in public, I need at least a few weeks’ notice, not a couple of measly days. Anyway, since my parenting style can best be described as benign neglect, I’m going to pass on the Festa Junina dresses and let the girls pick out something they think is appropriate.  I’m pretty sure that means one of my daughters will be wearing her bear costume and the other one will be wearing her pajamas,  but since I like to keep the bar low (just ask my portuguese teacher), I am fine with that.

This is my first Festa Junina in Brasilia, so I don’t know what it’s all about, but I hear it’s a pretty big deal around here. I Google Translated it and Google said it meant “Jerk Party”.  So basically like a party I would have gone to back in my 20’s?  I don’t think Google is right in this case.  Fortunately, Luciana will be in the embassy Duck and Cover at 12:15 today talking about the vocabulary, history, and customs of Festa Junina if you are as clueless as me and would like to know more. I might see you there, but it’s also my Ladies Who Lunch day, and if there’s one thing I’m dedicated to, it’s my weekly caipirinha restaurant review, and I may be too exhausted to do both.  How exhausted am I? Continue reading

Festa Junina 2013

Festa Junina is just around the corner.  The Papagaio published a primer on all things Festa Junina last year.  Check it out!

The Papagaio also has Festa Junina recipes you can try.

EAB is having a celebration on June 8

More Festa Junina Events can be found here.

Brasilia Country Club is also hosting a Festa Junina Event.  Here is a clip of a traditional Festa Junina Folk Dance:

Fatima Kreimer suggests attending  the event at the Nossa Senhora de Fatima Church.  “It goes from May 1st to May 13th, from 6 pm to about 11 pm at 307/308 Sul.  It is a fun event and their food is excellent.  Also to let you know that it is very crowded, so it is easier to get there earlier, around 6 so it is easier to go around…”

Festa Junina Primer

By Morgan Loosli

For those readers new to the city or simply unfamiliar with the grand tradition of Festa Junina, the Papagaio presents a brief primer.

Does life get any better?

Festa Junina is a celebration believed to have been brought to Brazil by European colonists. The festival began as a commemoration of what would be the beginning of the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere, but because it marks the start of winter in Brazil, it has become more a mixture of several celebration-worthy things. First, three catholic solemnities, St Anthony, St Peter, and the nativity of St John the Baptist. Second, the end of the rainy season in much of the Northeast. Third, the pagan rites associated with the summer (or in our case, winter) solstice. Fourth, a general celebration of all things rural. It is from this final aspect that most of the costuming and decor is drawn.

Continue reading

Festa Junina Recipes


4 cups water
1 cup granulated sugar
2 oz chopped ginger
1 tbs. cloves
2 cups cachaça (can replace with vodka)
2 cinnamon sticks
In a large pot, melt the sugar with ginger, cloves and cinnamon in medium heat to become caramel colored.
Pour water and cachaça and boil the mixture for about 20 minutes.
Pour quentão through a strainer and serve hot. Makes 6 servings.

CANJICA (Hominy and Coconut Pudding)

1 lb/500g of hominy
2 quarts of water
1 can of sweet condensed milk
1 can of coconut milk
2 1/2 cups (500ml) of whole milk
2 sticks of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
10 whole cloves (see note below)
2 tablespoons of sugar (or more to taste)
2 cups of shredded coconut
crushed, toasted peanuts (optional)
Makes 6 serving.
Soak the hominy in water overnight. In a large pot, cook hominy with it’s soaking water until they are soft, about 50 minutes. Add the condensed milk, whole milk, coconut milk and mix it well. Add the spices (cinnamon sticks, ground cin- namon, cloves) and sugar, bring it to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes, stirring every once in a while. The pudding willthickenslightly.Stirintheshreddedcoconutandsweeten if necessary according to your taste.
Serve hot in individual bowls topped with a pinch of ground cinnamon and a tablespoon of crushed toasted peanuts (if using).

Note: You can use a ball-shaped tea strainer that closes and place the cloves inside, so they won’t get lost in the pudding and end up in a mouth. It is not a big deal, but you don’t want to swallow an entire clove. Another option is making a sachet for the cloves using cheese cloth.

Recipe & photo from PinkBites.com

 6 fresh sweet corn ears

1 can (12 fl oz) evaporated milk
1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
11⁄2 cup water
1 pinch salt
Ground cinnamon to decorate.

Cut the corn from the cob. Place corn in a blender container with the water and beat for about 30 seconds.
Press the mixture against a strainer to extract the corn juice. Pour the corn juice into a medium saucepan. Add evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and a pinch of salt. Simmer the mixture in a medium heat until the mixture be- come creamy —about 10 minutes.
Use a wood spoon to stir the mixture for the whole 10 minutes to the mixture gets creamy.
Pour mixture into custard cups (6 oz). Sprinkle ground cinnamon.
Hint: Riper corns make a thicker pudding. Too young corn does not have enough starch; therefore they make a thinner pudding.
Serve refrigerated. Makes 6 custard cups.
Recipe from Laura Duro (http://www.brazzil.com)