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Celebrate Brasilia’s Birthday at CCBB, April 21


CCBB Brasilia has prepared a day of programs to celebrate the 56th birthday of Brasilia.

  • Opening of the exhibition “Mondrain and the De Stijl Movement”
  • Food court with food trucks
  • CCBB Educational Program — Equity Visit dramatized and various activities\
  • And much more!


Come have fun with us!

PROGRAMMING – free admission
15h and 17h – Team Brazil in Scene – A Path to Sara
17h – Soiree T-Bone with Nicolas Behr, Menezes & Morals and Fina Mix Trio.
18:15 (after sitting 17h) – Chat with cast and One Way directors for Sara
20h Jacques and his Master

15th Mostra Film Livre (Free Film Showings)
For a list of programming, visit: http://mostradofilmelivre.com/16/agenda.php

When: Thursday, April 21

9 a.m to 9 p.m.

Where: CCBB Brasilia, SCES Trecho 2 (map)

Cost: Free Entrance

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/146269299102818/

Book Presentation for “Fantasy Island: Brave New Heart of Brazil,” April 16

Fantasy Island

The XXX gathering of the Yoga Project in Brasilia

O XXX encontro do Projeto Yoga em Brasília será no dia 26 de outubro de 2014, às 16h, no Café da Torre – Mezanino da Torre de TV. O número de pessoas é limitado, por favor chegue cedo.

♥ Não perca Yoga com a melhor vista da cidade ♥

Nos reuniremos às 16h e iniciaremos a prática pontualmente às 17h.

Ir com roupas confortáveis, levar seu yoga mat ou uma manta e sua contribuição.

Até lá!

Andrea Hughes


The XXX gathering of the Yoga Project in Brasilia will be on Sunday, 26th of October, 2014 at 16:00 hours at the Café da Torre – Mezanino da Torre de TV. Limited number of people, please arrive early.

♥ Do not miss Yoga with the best view of the city ♥

We will gather at 4pm and we will start the practice punctually at 5pm.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring your yoga mat or a blanket and your contribution.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Andrea Hughes

♥ projetoyogaembrasilia.blogspot.com.br ♥

Notes from Brasilia

Former Brasilia resident Elise Hanna recently did a guest post on the blog, The New Diplomat’s Wife.

Read all about her thoughts on living in BSB here:

The New Diplomat’s Wife

Brasilia City Tour Bus

For a quick overview of the city, nothing beats the Brasilia City Tour bus. Tickets can be purchased from the kiosk at the base of the TV Tower elevador, or from the kiosk in Brasilia Shopping. The two-hour tour visits sites around the esplanade and the Palaco Alvorado. Three ten-minute stops are made where riders may depart the bus and look around: at the National Cathedral, the Praca dos Tres Poderes, and Palacio Alvorado. The on-bus tour narration is offered in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Tickets are R$50 for adults Continue reading

City History

Brief City History

Situated roughly in the center of Brazil, high on the inland plateau termed the planalto, Brasilia was officially inaugurated on April 21, 1960.  However, as an idea it dates back to colonial days when the early Portuguese settlers were looking for a safe inland capital away from the poor climate and military invasions common to the seacoast.

Indeed, the idea got so far that the Portuguese Court in Lisbon issued a decree ordering a study of the move from Rio de Janeiro.  Nothing came of these efforts even though many visionaries saw a move to the interior.  One such visionary was an Italian monk, Dom Bosco, who saw in a dream the site that was to become the future Brasilia.  He later became the patron saint of the city.

Upon the founding of the Republic in 1889, the capital’s move to the interior became a formal constitutional requirement.  Even then, activity was largely confined to surveys and site studies until 1955 when Juscelino Kubitschek promised in a now-famous presidential campaign speech that if elected, he would build the new capital within his five-year term of office.

Kubitschek was elected and to the surprise of virtually everyone, he succeeded in keeping his promise.  Under his guidance, an enabling law was passed through Congress and a government-owned corporation was created.  The Construction Company of the New Capital, or NOVACAP is the organization still responsible for most of the construction in Brasilia.

Ground was broken in September 1956 and construction was maintained on an around-the-clock schedule.  The new capital was inaugurated on April 21, 1960. The Federal District comprises an area of some 3,613 square miles of rolling, somewhat arid highland plains approximately 3,800 feet above sea level.  Brasilia was named a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site on December 7, 1987. This inscription was based on the need to protect this modern, unique and singular city, built in the 20th century from scratch, in the middle of nowhere, to become not just the capital of a country but also a magnificent historical example.