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Circuito Pedalar — 10K Bike Ride, August 9


A 10K bike ride around City Park.

When: Sunday, August 9 at 8 a.m.

Where: Parque de Cidade

Cost for Kit and Registration:

Free Kit: comes with a bag and medal at completion of the circuit

Basic Kit: Comes with a bag, shirt, water bottle and medal at completion of the circuit: R$20

Bike Kit: Comes with a basic kit, bike, and helmet. R$499-599

To register and for more information: http://circuitopedalar.ativo.com/2015/pedalarbsb/inscreva-se/

Experimente Brasilia Bike Tour, May 16


Bike tour of Brasilia, led by historian and rider Gabriel Camargo.

When: Saturday, May 16 at 2 p.m.

Purchase tickets online.

For more information: http://www.facebook.com/events/254443578059295/

For a full schedule of tour dates, or to book a private or English speaking tour:


Bikenique Brasilia, May 31


Bikenique is a free outdoor event featuring music, food, and a chance to meet fellow bikers in Brasilia and promote a sustainable form of transportaiton.

When: Saturday, May 31, from 10 a.m.

Where: Parking Lot 4, Parque da Cidade

Free Entrance

For more information: http://www.facebook.com/events/490612227754377/

Biking Groups in Brasilia

Bike Anjou (Biking Angels)



These are the helper biking bees of the Brasilia greater area.  They have monthly meets where they teach newcomers how to ride, how to do basic maintenance on bikes, etc.

Rodas de Paz (NGO)


These guys are a proactive, pro-bike group of people always organizing and always working for a bike-friendlier Brasilia.  They bike together on Sundays, usually on the EIXO or in Parque da Cidade. They ride slowly, together, and are a very friendly bunch.

Brasilia Batom Bikers




A female biking group that rides on Saturday mornings from the cathedral on Eixo Monumental at 8 am.  Each Saturday is a different ride, and difficulty level (beginner, medium, hard).  They are very inclusive, friendly, and open to newcomers.  Great way to explore the city on the roads. Although core group is women, many men join the rides. Most riders use hybrids or mountain bikes.

Rebas do Cerrado



Mountain biking group that rides on Sunday mornings. Each ride is in a different location, also easy, medium and hard rides. Friendly group. Ride details are published on web site the week before the ride.  Mountain bike needed.

Pedal Nocturno



These bikers ride at night mostly (hence the nocturne, but not always at night), several nights of the week. I haven’t joined them yet for a ride, because I’m usually in bed by the time they are moving, but they are an active, inclusive, friendly group that also socializes together.

Tartarugas no Pedal GO/DF (Amateur Sports Team) (Biking Turtles)



Kabulosos de Brasilia


A group of guys who bike around Brasilia

Pedalar DF (a community group)


Ciclistas de Brasília (a community group)


Studio MBT


Instituto Pedala Brasília de Mobilidade Sustentável (NGO)


Bike registration system in Brazil


Pedal Nas Asas

This group based in Asa Norte and Asa Sul don’t have a web page, but use tweet and other social media.


Bike Repair Shops in Brasilia

submitted by Monica Barreto




SCLN 408, Bloco B, at the back on the corner of the bloco, Loja 30/34.  Same street as Big Box.

Phone:(61) 3349-7001

We use this shop a lot for basics, tire or tube repairs, tune-ups, etc.  Many times the owner won’t charge for minor work.  Last tune-up cost us R$70 for a very thorough job.  Not as good for very technical problems, and they don’t have many parts. They also buy and sell new and used bikes.  The owner is very friendly and talkative, so a good chance to practice your Portuguese.


Cycling Bike Sports


SCLN 110, Bloco D, Loja 18

Phone:(61) 3274-0591

This is a higher end bike shop than Biciclopecas, with many imported parts and biking clothing.  The owner speaks English, and the operation is very professional.  Obviously it’s a bit more expensive than the more neighborhood bike shops, but when I had more technical work that was needed done on disc brakes


CLN 404, Bl. B, Lj. 40

Telefone: (61) 3327-1290


This shop was recommended by a Dutch contact. He recommends them for race/road bike work.

Loja Bike Brothers

(61) 3326-9170

CLN 103 Bloco B Loja 52

This shop was recommended by an Embassy member.


Bike Roby




(61) 3554-2404 / 3399-2460

SCLS 411, Bloco C, Loja 22

This is a chain bike store, with four locations in the greater Brasilia área, but the one in Asa Sul is centrally located for those living there. From the web site, it seems higher end, selling many kinds of bikes and parts.



Shis Qi 23, Lote B – Loja 04 – Edifício TOP 23

61 3248-7569

Recommended by an Embassy staff person…”I’ve gone to Bikesfera a couple of times, the guy is very nice, helped me out for free”.




Biking with Bicicletada, April 24


A montly biking event held in Brasilia and other cities in the world to show the importance of biking as a form of transportation.

When: Friday, April 24

Meet at 6:30 p.m., Depart at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Museu Nacional

For more information: http://www.facebook.com/events/601094603260350/