There are more great restaurants in Brasilia than can be experienced in one visit. The best thing about the restaurants here is that there is something to accommodate anyone’s taste, from all you can eat meat buffets, to vegetarian cuisine and fine French dining. There are also many “por kilos,” or pay-by-the-weight buffets. Reservations are seldom made except on holidays or with large groups. Most restaurants generally open at 6 or 7 p.m. and remain open after midnight. Coat and tie is rarely required and seldom worn to any restaurant; men generally wear sport shirts. Check your bill to see if the tip is included as many restaurants automatically factor in the gratuity.

Brazil’s culinary influences include not only Amerindian and Portuguese foods, but the cooking styles of immigrants from many other parts of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Each of Brazil’s five geographic regions offers cuisines that are distinctly different yet recognizably Brazilian, ranging from very bland to hot and spicy! Feijoada, considered the national dish of Brazil, is a thick stew of black beans with various meats cooked in. Feijão is the Portuguese word for Beans. Moqueca, another favorite, is a seafood stew made with coconut milk and dende oil. This is simmered for hours in a traditional clay pot. If you enjoy BBQ, part of your Brazilian experience should include a churrasco, skewered meat cooked Brazilian style over an open flame. There are several churrascarias – all you can eat steakhouses- here in Brasilia. For a more complete restaurant listing and delivery information see:, or check out Veja’s Best of the City online or get the PDF.

Price Guide

☺ Offer U.S. Embassy discount (must show ID)
$ ­ Less than R$25
$$ ­ R$25­ – R$40
$$$ ­ R$41­ – R$60
$$$$ ­ More than R$61

Porcão $$$ ☺ SCES, Trecho 2, conjunto 35, next to Pier 21; Tel: 3223­2002
Potência Grill $$ SCEN Lotes 12,13 and 14- Clube Almirante; Tel: 3306-1112
Potência do Sul $$ SHIP, Área Espeical 21, opposite Park Shopping; Tel: 3361­6761
Fogo De Chão $$$ ☺ SHS Quadra 5, Bloco E, Asa Sul; Tel: 3322­4666

Patú Anú $$  SML (Lago Norte), trecho 12, conjunto 1, casa 7; Tel: 3369­2788
Dom Francisco $$ SCES TR.02 Cj. 3, Asa Sul; Tel: 3414­3073 SCES Asbac Clube, 3414­3051 or Academia de Tenis or Manhattan Flats Hotel 3316­6285 Also in Patio Brasil Tel: 3363­3079 and Park Shopping; Tel: 3322­1071
Feitiço Mineiro $$  CLN 306, Bl. B, Lj. 45/51; Tel: 3272­3032
Xique­Xique $ CLS 107, Bloco E, Loja 2; Tel: 3244­5797
Mangai $$  SCE Sul, Próximo a Ponte JK; Tel: 3224-3079 / 3225-0186
Bargaço $$$ Asa Sul CLS 405, Bloco D, Loja 36; Tel: 3443­8098 or Pontão do Lago Sul; Tel: 3364­ 6090
Emporio da Mata $$$ Av. Caminho da Mata, Mansões Mata da Anta, Ch 15, Lago Sul; Tel: 3427-1312.

Tay Pá $$$  SHIS QI 17, Bloco F, Loja 203 (Fashion Park); Tel: 3248-0403

Gastronomia Gatto Nero $$ Lago Sul QI 7 Bloco B Loja 105; Tl: 3248-1609;
Don Romano $$ Lago Sul QI 11, Lojas 30 a 46, Bloco F; Tel: 3248-0078
Il Siciliani $$$ Asa Norte CSN 109, Bloco C, Loja 37
Fortunata $$ Lago Sul QI 9, Bloco C, Loja 6/60; Tel: 3364­6111
Pizza Á Bessa (all you can eat pizza) $$ CLS 214, Bloco C, Lojo 40; Tel: 3345-5252

Chili Pepper $$ Asa Sul CLS 215, Bloco C, Loja 37; Tel: 3345­5565
El Paso Texas $$ Asa Sul SCS 404, Bloco C, Loja 23; Tel: 3323­4618 Terraço Shopping; Tel: 3233­5197

Nippon (Japanese) $$ Asa Sul CLS 403, Bloco A, Loja 28; Tel: 3224­0430
Resaurante Long (Chinese) $$ Asa Sul CLS 404, Bloco D, Loja 17; Tel: 3321­1659
Sushi Brasil $$ SHIS QI 11, Bloco F, Lojas 103/108; Tel: 3364-3939

Fatto $$$ SHIS QI 9/11, Bloco C; Tel: 3364-0284 Tel: 3316­ 6900
Libanus $ 206 Sul, bloco C, loja 36; Tel: 3244-9795

Roadhouse Grill $$$  SCES TR.2 2s/n cj. 35 H 1B, Next to Pier 21; Tel: 3312­8535 or Terraço Shopping, SHC/AOS Quadra 2/8, lote 5, lojas 118 and 128; Tel: 3322­1257
Outback Steakhouse $$$ Park Shopping; Tel: 3234­5634 and Iguatemi Mall
Dominos Pizza $  SCLS 105, Bloco C, Loja 34/36, Tel:3442­1222 ; CLSW 302 BL C. Lj. 28; Tel: 3342­4001 or SEPN 504 CJ. D Lj. 50, Tel: 3327­3222 Delivers to Asa Sul and Lago Sul QI 1 – QL 12
Pizza Hut $$ ☺  Pier 21; Tel: 4002­4003 or 3326­6298 Delivers to Asa Sul and Lago Sul.

Alice, French and International $$$$  Asa Sul SHIS QL17,BLF—Fashion Park; Tel: 3248­7743
Carpe Diem $$ Asa Sul, CLS 104, bloco D, Loja 1; Tel: 3325­7405 or SCS Q. 7 BL. A s/n Lj. 610, Pier 21
Universal Diner $$$ Asa Sul, CLS 210, Bloco B, Loja 30; Tel: 3443­2089
Fritz, German cuisine $$ Asa Sul, CLS 404, Bloco D, Loja 35; Tel: 3223­4622
Kooun $$$  Lago Sul– SHIS QL9/11 Bloco C Terreo; Tel: 3248­0019

One response to “Restaurants

  1. Please update this list. Alice, the French restaurant mentioned here, closed several years ago. For French food, I strongly recommend Le Vin bistro, located in the gourmet food corner of Park Shopping.

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