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What’s open or closed on the April 21 Tiradentes Holiday 2016?

For a list of which landmarks or public places will be open during the holiday, please click the following link:

Halloween Costume Rental / Purchase in Brasilia

Camarim Fantasias

Asa Sul – 509,  Bloco B, Loja 32 – Phone: 3443-4144

Asa Sul – 507, Bloco B, Entrada 9 – Sobreloja – Phone: 3443-0668

Asa Norte – 710, Bloco B, Loja 20 – Phone: 3349-1886

Asa Norte – 107, Bloco A, Loja 59 – Phone: 3340-2452

Sudoeste – CLSW 301, Bloco B, Sobreloja 122 – Phone: 3344-9265

Armarinho Milano

Asa Sul – 306, Bloco B, Loja 34 – Phone 3443-2310

Asa Norte – 710/711, Bloco F, Loja 55 – Phone: 3326-6774

Conjunto Nacional Mall  – 3rd floor – Phone: 3326-1263

Traje Cômico

Asa Sul – 407, Bloco D. Loja 8 – Phone: 3242-1551

Luxo e Fantasia

Asa Norte – 408, Bloco A, Loja 12 – Phone: 3340-7863

Tips for Biking in Brasilia

Submitted by Monica Barretto

Tips for riding in Brasilia

There are bike trails all over the city, but not always connected, and some end in nothing.  However, Asa Norte and Asa Sul have the most extensive trails that I have found, good for commuting to work.  L2, L3 and L4 have bike paths, as does the road below W3 on the other side of the Eixo.

Drivers in Brasilia aren’t the worst when it comes to dealing with bikers, but I have seen some obnoxious drivers here, so caution is always best. My biggest issue biking here are the pedestrians. They are slowly getting accustomed to having bikers on the bike trails, but many will still walk right in the middle of the bike path, or move into the path without looking to see if bikers are coming. I recommend having a whistle or loud bell, because many walkers have ear phones in and can’t hear (or see!) you coming.  It’s better than it was 2 years ago, but still presents a hazard.

When crossing where cars are, there is no preference giving to bikers, besides the occasional (probably biker himself/herself) driver who will stop to give way. Use great caution when crossing, and look out for motorcycles bypassing cars. Also, cars will go through red lights if there is no camera to capture them. Always imagine the worst, to be prepared and on guard.

Biking in Brasilia is great, aside from the dangers of cars and pedestrians. The weather is usually great, the birds abundant (although there are birds who will fly at you if you bike too close to their nest), and the other bikers very friendly. There are many groups with whom to bike, if you don’t want to bike alone.


Where the Mailroom Cart Should NOT Be


Important Notice for Users of Embassy Tennis Courts

Reminder to tennis players in the community:  In order to avoid court conflicts during weekdays from 4-8, Embassy Brasilia has a shared google calendar in place to book lesson and open court play.  Court 1, whenever possible, should be used for open play only and Court 2, whenever possible, should be used for lessons.  Court 3 is first come/first serve between basketball and tennis players, and is not booked via the google calendar.  To book the calendar please go to and log in with account name brasiliatenniscalendar password usembassy and then choose your court and time.  For more details please see MGT Notice 14/031, dated April 4, 2014.


Program Purpose

The overall trash disposal and recycling program is intended to provide clean, safe, and hygienic facilities to employees and visitors.  Prompt collection and disposal reduces the risk of pests (rats, scorpions, cockroaches, possums, etc.), decreases fire risk from stored paper and cardboard products, and prevents unsightly trash piles and odors.  The program also affords employees opportunity to recycle at work and home, contributing to Department goals and initiatives and as well as being good stewards of our natural resources.  Proceeds from the program are also invested in the Embassy community, including assisting employees with health care needs. Continue reading

AAFSW Launches EFM Business Database

AAFSW Launches EFM Business Database!

Next time you’re looking for a service provider or a specialized product, wouldn’t you like to hire or buy from a Foreign Service Eligible Family Member? And if you are an EFM with a business, wouldn’t you like to tell the whole Foreign Service community about your products or services?

AAFSW members will be able to list their businesses at no cost, and the listings can be viewed by both members and non-members. Right now, we are trying to fill in the database with about 100 EFM businesses before we announce this new service to the broader Foreign Service community. Please add your business to the list, and help us spread the word!

Resources to Help You Prepare for Leaving Post

flologoResources to Help You Prepare for Leaving Post
Transition season is upon us and now is a good time to tap into the many resources the Family Liaison Office’s (FLO) Crisis Management and Support Services team provides to all employees and families under Chief of Mission authority. The following links can help you prepare for your next move.
The Personal Preparedness Plan – helps with organizing your personal documents; remember to hand-carry important documents that you will need when you land at your final destination.

Continue reading

My Big Fat Garage Sale


By Kate Romero

Hi kids! Since I am such an optimist (hush, you) about receiving an onward assignment, I joined two friends last weekend in a giant moving sale. I mean, it could still happen for us.  We have a few months yet before Brazil throws us out on our ears. Can you tell that I’m trying this new thing where I don’t whine about getting a handshake yet? Whatever, you guys are stuck with me, at least for the time being.

When my friend Katie first mentioned the words ‘Garage Sale’, I was all, “Ummmm, no”, because where I come from, garage sales are a ton of work for very little return. I’ve had only one garage sale in my life. It consisted of me sitting outside with my junk for an hour watching people paw through my stuff. When I got bored of that, I put an “Everything Free” sign out and went inside for a snack to engage in academic play with my gazillion toddlers. From that point on, whenever I wanted to get rid of stuff, I just donated it to charity. Continue reading


Embassy Brasilia is fortunate enough to have quality tennis courts on compound. These courts are available for use by those with proper access to the compound and are maintained by the Office of Facility Management (FAC). Due to the popularity of open play and lessons, it has been necessary to issue the following policy regarding tennis court usage. Please take the time to review the policy whether you frequently use the courts or not. It is important to understand what types of shoes, equipment, etc. are appropriate in order to protect the court surface. Continue reading

Pregnancy Yoga, Doula, and Childbirth Educator


Classes given at 704/5 N or at your home

Click here for  flyer: Doula

Black History Month: Did You Know?

Political scientist and diplomat Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche received the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize for his mediation efforts in the Middle East during the 1940s. He was the first African American to receive the honor.

To learn more about African American History please visit these links:

PBS Black History Month programming

PBS releases a lineup of new shows and online content celebrating the African American experience past, present and future.

“American Promise” – Monday, Feb. 3, 10 p.m. to midnight EST

“Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth” – Friday, Feb. 7, 9 to 10:30 p.m. EST

“Spies of Mississippi” – Monday, Feb. 10, 10 to 11 p.m. EST

“Jazz and the Philharmonic’’ – Friday, Feb. 28, 9 to 10:30 p.m. EST

“Becoming an Artist’’ – Friday, Feb. 28, 10:30 to 11 p.m. EST





The Battle of the Case Bearing Moths

By Kelly Dzurny

I have heard many conversations and complaints regarding mysterious holes appearing in clothing (particularly in the front of shirts) from others in our community.  I too have had these same complaints and after three years of hair pulling frustration over holes spontaneously forming in my favorites shirts of my very modest clothing collection and countless numbers of these victimized shirts finding their way to the trash, I have finally identified the enemy and have waged war on the little pests that have been ravaging my wardrobe.  These relentless pests are called Case Bearing Moths, Tinea pellionella Linnaeus .  After some research and careful detective work in my closets, my suspicions were confirmed and a plan of action taken. Continue reading

They Draw and Travel: Artist Map of Brasilia

Eating and Drinking in Brasilia, Brazil

Personal Mail Policy for Mission Brazil

This Management Instruction outlines Mission Brazil’s policy regarding how American direct hire personnel receive personal mail using the Diplomatic Post Office (DPO) and Unclassified Pouch.

Mission Brazil receives personal boxes and flat mail in one of two ways, either through the DPO or through the Unclassified Pouch, both run by the Department of State (DoS).   Mission Brazil’s DPO is located in Consulate General Rio de Janeiro, where incoming shipments are re-bagged and trucked to Sao Paulo and Brasilia, and flown to Recife.  Mission ICASS resources pay for all shipments after the DPO mail hits Rio de Janeiro.

To reiterate the information that was published in Management Notice 12-059 of August of 2012, Mission Brazil’s mail policy is as follows: Continue reading