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Fat Loosening or Relaxing Massage in Your Home!

Portuguese only!” RAY Estética Contacts:  061 98176-7037 / 3339-0880

Portuguese only!”
RAY Estética Contacts:  061 98176-7037 / 3339-0880

Private Spanish Teacher

Spanish for business, travel, translations and conversation. Contact: (61) 983737426. E-mail:   /”

Spanish for business, travel, translations and conversation. Contact: (61) 983737426. E-mail: /”


Empregadas Looking for Work

Empregadas Looking for Work:

*All recommendations of domestic helpers advertised here come from within the diplomatic community. We do not advertise people who recommend themselves. *The US Embassy CLO does not recommend any of the people or services represented here.  *We recommend that you always check backgrounds and references before hiring.

Ruth: As we are leaving Brazil at the end of the month we’d like to help our empregada find a new home.  I’d like to highly recommend the person who has worked with us on a daily basis over the past year and a half as our empregada, Ruth Rojas, as we are heading back to the U.S. at the end of the month. During the time she worked with us she has been absolutely incredible. She always shows up to work on time, is very efficient and never misses a day. She’s got an incredible work ethic, is proactive about addressing any little problem that arises (i.e. needed to call the plumber, order gas, taking care of routine repairs and maintenance, etc.), and always displays true professionalism. She was really more than a housekeeper. She essentially administered the day-to-day in our house and did so with minimal guidance. She is also very fond of children, and while she was not our son’s nanny, she did care of him whenever we needed to, and he formed quite a strong bond with her. She would be an absolutely great addition to any family here that is looking for help.

Ruth is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese. Ruth is available as of Oct 1.  If you are interested in speaking with her, please feel free to call her directly at (061)98496-8335. I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have.  Best, John Verlander   (61) 99629 2420


Jane: “We strongly recommend Gracijane (Jane) Do Rosario, who worked with my family during our 3 year stay in Brasilia. My husband is a Brazilian diplomat and I am a Guatemalan diplomat. We are now both posted in Mexico City. Jane is a honest, hard working person who is extremely nice with kids, always keeping a smile, an amazing housekeeper and can cook delicious Brazilian dishes. She knows how to follow recipes and learns quickly on any instruction given to her. She is very responsible. During our 3 year working relationship she was absent only once.  If you need more details please contact us! It will be a pleasure to talk more about Jane. We payed her R$ 1600 reais per month + her bus transportation.  Best regards and please do not hesitate to call us. Jane’s cell phone number in Brasilia is: (61) 9671-9249”

Luisa Bonilla Galvao de Queiroz, (Mexico city)
+5552 1 55 3567 5559



The US Embassy CLO office does not recommend any person or service being advertised or discussed on this page. All ads come to us from either US or others from within the greater Brasilia Diplomatic Community.

Nannies or Child Care Professionals:

Nannies or Child Care Professionals: There are three recommendations below

*All recommendations of domestic helpers advertised here come from within the diplomatic community.

We do not advertise people who recommend themselves. 

The US Embassy CLO does not personally recommend any of the people or services represented here. We recommend that you always check backgrounds and references before hiring.

Marivic: Mr. Pickard wrote: If anyone is looking for a nanny, we can’t recommend Marivic enough. She has worked as our babysitter in the afternoons for almost a month now and is fantastic with our children. She is from the Philippines, speaks english, and has a valid visa to work here in Brazil already. Feel free to reach out to her directly. Marivic: 98291-8196.   Feel free to contact me at

For diplomats only: Ms. S. DeSousa wrote: an in-house Philippine maid already in Brasilia is looking for a job. Please contact Sandra for further contacts and details


Diaristas Seeking Employment


Reliable Diarista Available on Thursdays

We are moving, and our very reliable and hard-working diarista, Michely, will be available on Thursdays, starting July 28. She has worked for us for over 1.5 years, and does a wonderful job cleaning and is always on time. She has cooked on occasion and is also great with our young children. Michely has worked for numerous diplomatic families. She can be reached at 9-9430-4801.

Full or Part Time Maid Available

Simone Torres worked for our family full time for 4 of our 6 years at post in Brasilia. She is amazing!  She cleans quickly and efficiently. She is honest,  punctual and takes initiative.  She can also organize beautifully when she has extra time.  I have zero complaints about her and I highly recommend her. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. My name is Katie & my email is

Her contact # is:

Simone Torres #9138-2849

Recommended Tour Guide for Cristalina

Antonio: 9129-6516

Just send him a message or call to set up a date.  We actually contacted him one day prior to our trip and he was able to accommodate.  Antonio has worked with many diplomats and speaks a little bit of many languages (including English.)  He met us in the city center around 0900 on a Saturday then got in the car with us and navigated to several locations.  At the end of the day, we dropped him back off in the city.

He took us to a mine, where we spent several hours mining crystals (he helped out and you get to take them all home for free!), then we went to the Pedra do Chapeu de Sol state park (see pic.)  Then he took us to a great churrascarria for lunch.  After eating, we visited various stores where you can watch jewelers making their creations and buy jewelry, crystal formations, and the bird statues.  I found the prices to be much better than similar products I’ve seen in Brasilia.  Antonio didn’t expect or ask for any compensation so we believe he probably receives a cut from the sales made at the stores you visit.  Looking back, we wish that we had tipped him as well since it was such a great day.

As far as the drive to Cristalina, I highly recommend that you take the highway.  There is a back way that connects to Jardim Botanico, but the road is horrendous!  It takes about 1-1.5 hrs to get there from Lago Sul.

Finally, Cristalina is an awesome day trip and is interesting for kids, too!  Wear comfy close-toed shoes and bring plenty of cash for lunch and purchases.


Occupational Therapy for Children

Occupational  therapy for children with austism, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, learning problems and sensory integration disorder. Therapist with work experience abroad. English or Portuguese. For more informations: OR  (61) 9284-8662

In Search Of: Full-Time Nanny

My husband and I will be arriving in Brasilia on July 18th to both start working full time and will be looking for a nanny to start as soon as possible caring for our 2-month-old infant and almost 3-yr-old daughter, who hopefully will be enrolled in a half-day preschool/daycare. We prefer someone who can speak fluent Portuguese with the children (even though ours isn’t great right now) so they can learn. However, we’re mostly looking for someone who is trustworthy and great with children. If you know anyone who is leaving and has a great nanny they could pass along, please let us know at Thanks in advance!

Learn Brazilian Portuguese with PortuguesFacil

Learn Brazilian Portuguese.

Classes can be individual, in groups, or by internet.

Our classes are entirely focused on each student’s needs and goals.

If you live in Brasília, we offer a range of courses, including those focused on everyday conversation and those geared to professional/business situations.

If you don’t live in Brazil but want to learn Portuguese, no problem! We offer courses with native teachers via video-conference at any time that fits your schedule.

Access our website for more information:
(make sure you get the .br on the domain name)

Or get in touch with me:
Karina Fernandes
Phone: +55 61 8190-7056

Photographer Available for Events


If you need a photographer for the special moments, like children’s parties, weddings, baby showers or pregnancy pictures, contact Luciana Melo.

Luciana is an amazing photographer who has a talent to make you feel comfortable and takes amazing shots!

She also has a project, where you can contact her as a Baby sitter for four hours, and she will give you 30 pictures of your kids when you pick them up! It’s fantastic!

Luciana Melophotographer

boutique dental 1

Looking for a brighter smile?
     Check out what we’ve been up to this month.

boutique dental 2

Boutique Dental by Drª Ana Cristina Lima it´s a Whitening Teeth specialized dental office. We listen your expectations, we study your case and we recommend the best option so that you can have whiter teeth.

Book an appointment and let be surprised!

For more information about contact and treatments, please access:

We also attend in Portuguese, Spanish and French.


PHONE NUMBER: 61 3363-2725

CELL NUMBER: 61 8467-1822

Service: Brazilian Health Care Consultant

When arriving in another country there are many uncertainties, especially when it comes to your healthcare. Where to go? How to find English speaking professionals? Which specialist to look for?

I am a Brazilian Surgeon, graduated more than ten years ago and with eight years of experience in Brazilian healthcare management. I have lived abroad twice and I can help you with your health concerns.

We can arrange an appointment at your home or office for your convenience. I will do the first consultation and orient you for the next steps. If needed, I will prescribe medicines which can be delivered right to your door. If it is necessary to go to a specialist, I will ask for exams beforehand (so you can arrive with them already done at the specialist´s appointment) and refer you to great English speaking physicians. This way you can feel comfortable you are being taken care of in the best way as possible and will not go to the wrong specialty.

In this appointment we will also make sure you are aware of your next steps and the dynamics of healthcare in Brazil.

If you need help with convenience and comfort in healthcare matters, please call me or send a whatsapp at +556196366406.

Dr. Andrea Monson, M.D.

English and Italian spoken, but always learning small things in other languages.

Recommendation: Pediatrician for Home Visits

Dr. Aldemar Guevara

Contact tel.+ whtsp.: (61) 9971-8223

Fluently English speaking, very kind, he is able to visit you at home any time – night, weekend, when is need, he is making visits with his wife  (a nurse).