The Community Liaison Office at the U.S. Embassy Brazil acts as a supporting organization to Americans serving at the embassy, including U.S. Foreign Service officers and employees from several other U.S. government departments and their family members. The duties of the CLO are defined in eight areas of responsibility: employment liaison, crisis management and security liaison, education liaison, information and resource management, guidance and referral, welcoming and orientation, community liaison, and events planning. The CLO office is staffed by Co-CLOs Lainie McKeating and Ruth Sartori, Papagaio Editor/Assistant CLO  (new assistant should be in place soon), and Administrative Assistant Moema Brito. If you have questions or comments about the blog, please contact papagaio@state.gov. For general questions about CLO, please contact clobrasilia@state.gov.

Many resources (especially for those new to the Foreign Service) can be found on the Internet on the State Department’s Family Liaison Office site. http://www.state.gov/m/dghr/flo/.

About the Blog

You can use the tabs along the top of the page to find recent classified adsevent information, and job announcements. There are also sightseeing and travel recommendations. In the right sidebar we’ve included many of the CLO resources for newcomers, such as welcome guidethings to bring, and restaurant lists.

Weekly digest

We send out a weekly Papagaio email digest containing links to the important news of the week from the blog. If you would like to receive (or be removed from) this email, please contact us at papagaio@state.gov.


As in the past, we hope to continue to be a resource to all expats living in Brasilia, but you may notice an occasional post is password-protected. These posts contain news intended for those people officially associated with the U.S. Embassy. If you are officially affiliated and do not yet have a password, you can email papagaio@state.gov to request one. Please include your full name and department or if you are an EFM or MOH, send your name as well as the name of the employee on whose orders you appear.


If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about the blog, or you wish to contribute information for us to post, please contact us using the form below or email papagaio@state.gov.

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