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Diarista Available

My diarista has Tuesdays and Fridays available. She is very hardworking and is very eager to please. Furthermore, she is extremely reliable and honest (I tend to leave money in my pockets every day and she always makes a little … Continue reading


By Kate Romero This is my last column for the Papagaio.  I am feeling all the feels about this because I have loved this job. I can’t believe I never got fired. Yay me! I’m getting ready to head back to the … Continue reading

Surviving the Friendly Skies

By Kate Romero Hi kids! Remember when I couldn’t stop talking about the ants that have colonized the copy machine in my office? And then I was bragging about my awesomeness in getting rid of them on my own?  You would … Continue reading

Rancho Canabrava

By Kate Romero Hi kids! Okay, I know you guys are DYING to hear how my ant situation is going. The ants are still sort of alive. I mean, they were multiplying like crazy so I felt like I should slow … Continue reading

So, Ants are a Thing Now

By Kate Romero   SOS! SOS! I can’t write anything this week, you guys. I’m busy doing CLO stuff outside of the office and I’ll tell you why. No……..I’ll show you why: See this nice little copy machine? It’s right behind … Continue reading

Lady Who Lunches: Outback Steakhouse

By Kate Romero This week I am going to tell you all about my experience with an American chain restaurant. First, though, I am happy to announce that we finally have an onward post assignment! The Romero family will be … Continue reading

Parting is Such Sour Sorrow

By Kate Romero Hi kids! How are y’all enjoying the World Cup? Believe it or not, I’ve gotten totally into it now that there are pictures out there of the Croatian team, uh….swimming at their hotel and guys biting each other and all sorts … Continue reading

I Guess There’s Some Kind of Soccer Game Thingie?

By Kate Romero Hi kids! I haven’t visited with you for the past few weeks because I was busy trying to kick down Death’s door. How sick was I? I missed an opportunity to spy on a bunch of teenagers … Continue reading

My Big Fat Garage Sale

By Kate Romero Hi kids! Since I am such an optimist (hush, you) about receiving an onward assignment, I joined two friends last weekend in a giant moving sale. I mean, it could still happen for us.  We have a few months yet … Continue reading


By Kate Romero This week’s column is adapted from a post on my personal blog, which I wrote before I was employed as the World’s Laziest  Hardest-Working Newsletter Editor. We’ve had several people asking about trips to Cristalina in the CLO office … Continue reading

College. Wait, What Just Happened?

 By Kate Romero Hi kids! I know it’s been a while, but I keep running out of time to write every week. This has nothing to do with my new photo app that let’s me try out different hair colors … Continue reading

Ladies Who Lunch: L’Entrecôte de Paris

By Kate Romero Full disclosure: I totally forgot to write this restaurant review. I’ve been very busy running out of office supplies and crying into my keyboard without our trusty assistant Juliana around. But hey, good for her and her … Continue reading

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

By Kate Romero Pssssst. Hey you.Wanna be a sponsor? It’ll make you feeeeel good. The CLO is busy putting together our summer sponsorships.  We are particularly in need of sponsors for the months of June and August. Please contact the … Continue reading

Got Romance?

By Kate Romero Hi kids. Happy Valentine’s Day! Barf. Okay, maybe I’m a little bitter because my beloved is on another continent dodging rockets this Valentine’s Day. Last year I was feeling all the feels that accompany February 14 as … Continue reading

English Speaking Acupuncturist

  Recommended by Kate Romero and Katie Torrence, Lucas will come to your home. Lucas Caixeta Magalhães Swerts Fisioterapeuta e Acupunturista