Rancho Canabrava

ProfilepicBy Kate Romero

Hi kids! Okay, I know you guys are DYING to hear how my ant situation is going. The ants are still sort of alive. I mean, they were multiplying like crazy so I felt like I should slow down their growth a little, lest they eat all the snacks in my bottom drawer. Anyway, I put an ant trap thingie behind the copy machine yesterday. Supposedly they will eat it and take it back to their colony and kill everyone with it. Ant ebola. This morning when I lifted the lid of the machine there were very few ants left and only a couple of shrivelled up eggs. I was surprised to discover that I feel terrible about it. The babies especially.  I mean, I’m a mother, too, you know? I know what it’s like when a child goes away, since my firstborn is RUDELY leaving me tomorrow for college. Doesn’t he know that college is dumb and moms are awesome? What were we talking about? Oh, yeah. the ants. Dead. I’m a murderer.

Now that I only have three kids left on the pile, I feel like I have all this extra time because I’m no longer driving my teenager all over town. I’m thinking of taking the leftovers back to Rancho Canabrava.  Rancho Canabrava is a restaurant/horseback riding/adventure destination located just outside of Brasilia, only a thirty-minute drive from the embassy. The last time we went, I nearly died of a heart attack because the miles of trails they boast about on their website? Half of them are a zillion feet off the ground and my children insisted on trying them out. Sure, they had a children’s course, but that was for babies, gah! So, even my youngest tiny infant baby daughters went on the adult course.


This is my daughter. She may or may not have been crying from fear in this photo, but she insisted on finishing the course. Like a boss.


This is her twin sister. She was scared, too, but she conned one of the guides into basically carrying her throughout most of the course. She is my doppelganger.


My son was not scared in the least because he is a Big Boy, yo.


Here is my formerly crying daughter ziplining down from the trees at the end of the course. The first words out of her mouth when she got down were “I need to do that again.”

The Rancho Canabrava Restaurant was a typical buffet. Unremarkable, but something for everyone. After lunch, several members of our party rode horses throughout the many beautiful trails. The children in our group enjoyed playing with the animals at the little farm  on the grounds.


The guides at Rancho Canabrava were very safety-conscious. A lot of attention was paid to making sure harnesses and equipment were used correctly.

Rancho Canabrava is open on weekends and some holidays. When we went, a reservation was required. It is a really great way to spend a day, particularly during the dry season. They do birthday parties and events. If you go, try not to die!



Chácara 46, Núcleo Rural Sobradinho I, a 25 Km da Rodoviária do Plano Piloto • (61) 3591-1694

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