Parting is Such Sour Sorrow

ProfilepicBy Kate Romero

Hi kids! How are y’all enjoying the World Cup? Believe it or not, I’ve gotten totally into it now that there are pictures out there of the Croatian team, uh….swimming at their hotel and guys biting each other and all sorts of drama, like my home team still being in the show. Woot! USA! USA!  Watching the games and listening to my kids dissect the standings ad nauseam has actually been a good distraction for me since just about everyone I’ve ever met in my life is packed out and ready to leave if they haven’t left already. In case you’re wondering, we still DO NOT HAVE AN ONWARD ASSIGNMENT. Raise your hand if you’re sick of hearing about that! Whatever,  I’ll just keep going to the despididas and pretend to be happy for everyone while I  sit here twiddling my thumbs in the corner.  It’s a familiar feeling, taking me back to my days being the last one picked for dodge ball at St. Xavier’s because I was renowned for my inability to succeed at anything involving physical movement.  Here I am again, standing against the wall watching everyone say their goodbyes and heading off on their R&Rs and exciting new assignments in the thrilling game of Foreign Service Dodge Ball.


It was hard to find a photo of us together that was appropriate for a family blog, you guys. I will miss you, my friend!

This year of living as a single parent has been bearable mainly because of my bestie, Katie. She listens to me complain and we have lots of good fun that is funny and get into all kinds of trouble of the sort which our husbands frown upon. Next week she is off to California to hang with my boyfriend Trader Joe. BOOOO. Who am I going to walk the dog with? MYSELF? Boring.  I hate goodbyes to the extent that I will say something like, “Oh, you’re leaving in two days, [person I am fond of]? I will say goodbye to you tomorrow at the embassy, then.”  Even though I know it’s my day off. Then I go home and curl up in the corner with a bag of chips. The commissary better stock up, because I’m going to need a LOT of chips during the mass exodus after the World Cup.

Some people have said I should get a hobby to keep myself occupied. The problem with hobbies, though, is my lack of coordination and propensity for disaster. I’m not exaggerating, either. I’ve been stuck in the embassy elevator three times, once ten minutes ago when I took a break from writing this riveting column to go downstairs to see if there was any candy in the mail. I’ve been hit by two cars in the last month. Last week, I even had a medical doctor tell me not to leave my house anymore. Maybe not in those exact words, but I read between the lines.  And don’t tell me resting hobbies like knitting are safe, because those needles can be sharp. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome, so the yarn arts are out. If knitting is your bag, however, a few ladies are getting together a knitting/crocheting group at the embassy. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll hook you up. See what I did there?

Anyway, if you guys can think of any good, SAFE hobbies to keep me busy, let me know, because my husband has access to our Amazon history and he doesn’t want me to keep spending all our money on extremely useful things like the cupcake corer/filler I ordered last week or the vitamin supplements I read on Dr. Google that would guarantee some kind of health benefit but I forgot what. That actually happens a lot. One Click ordering is no friend of my bank account.

I recently came across a series of articles about expat transitions which had some useful tips. Here are the links:

Why Expats Hate June

Leaving Well: 10 Tips for Repatriating with Dignity

Landing Well: 10 More Tips for Repatriating with Dignity

Staying Well:  10 Tips for Expats Who are Left Behind

RAFTing Time for TCKs

None of these articles says it’s a good idea to curl up in a corner with a bag of chips, so I’m not sure how useful they are, but reading them did distract me for a few minutes, so there’s that. I could use another distraction by the Croation soccer team, though.



3 responses to “Parting is Such Sour Sorrow

  1. Kate – you’ll have to pick another team to keep you distracted since Croatia is out of the cup 🙂

  2. jerryjones887472423

    Kate — bag of chips in the corner is a horrible way to process transition. I much prefer Oreos. Thanks for the repost and go Croatia . . . next time.

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