I Guess There’s Some Kind of Soccer Game Thingie?

kateBy Kate Romero

Hi kids! I haven’t visited with you for the past few weeks because I was busy trying to kick down Death’s door. How sick was I? I missed an opportunity to spy on a bunch of teenagers in their natural habitat during their prom. I missed a week of hanging out with my husband who flew gazillions of of miles across several war zones to be with me. I missed the entire last week of my kids’ school. I could go on and on, but I’m not one to complain. HAHA! Just kidding. You guys know I love to complain. I finally got out of bed in time to go to the airport this week to pick up my oldest son from an unchaperoned senior trip to Porto Seguro. He came back alive and without any visible tattoos, so I’d classify the trip as a success. Have you guys been to the airport lately? The roads are all gussied up with signs and flags and no potholes.  The airport itself is also very fancy with chairs to sit in and shiny new counters and whatnot. Trying to park in the parking lot still makes me want to punch a kitten in the face, but you can’t have everything, you know?

FBL-WC-2014-BRAZIL-DECORATIONBrasilia is also looking good. She’s all spit-shined and sparkly and clean and ready for her big ole’ soccer shindig.  The JK Bridge is freshly whitewashed and it and all the monuments around town are lit up at night with green and yellow lights. There are flags all over the city and even cars are wearing their green and yellow. I particularly like the international flags along the road in front of Pontão. I tried to get a picture of the flags for you guys, but I was driving and got a speeding ticket instead. Which seems like a legitimate business expense if you ask me.

This guy > everyone else. Click on photo for more info.

I’ve kind of been dreading writing about the World Cup. It’s not that I don’t like soccer, I just don’t know anything about it. Okay, I do know that soccer players are cuh-uuute. But beyond knowing about the cute players, I’m an idiot. Well, I also know that there are two goals and opposing teams score by kicking the ball into the other team’s goal and the goalies are also pretty cute. I also like the fact that soccer is not a particularly brutal sport, such as American football. All that being said, it’s impossible not to get swept up in the excitement when we are right in the middle of the frenzy. If I were a cool mom, I’d know all the jerseys and teams and have opinions on who I thought would bring the most to their national teams and blahblahblah. I would have tried to get my family tickets to one of the games because WE’RE IN BRAZIL! AND WORLD CUP! All your friends will be so jealous! Unfortunately, I’m not cool mom, so my preparations for the World Cup consisted of stocking up on enough salty snacks and wine so I don’t have to leave my house lest I get caught in a crowd of revelers. The only thing worse to me than being trapped in a crowd of revelers would be being trapped on the JK bridge for forty-two minutes with a car full of 11 year-old girls singing “Let it Go”, which happened to me last weekend. It took every ounce of restraint I had not to jump from the beautifully lit bridge.jk

The merchants around town are gearing up for the World Cup as well. I may have mentioned how I love to buy stuff out of my car window before. Every corner is a riot of yellow and green, so I’ve been stocking up on jerseys and flags to take back to friends and family for Home Leave. You know, if I were to get a Home Leave. Which we can’t get without orders or an onward assignment, of which we have neither. BUT I AM NOT BITTER EVEN THOUGH WE ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE COUNTRY IN 10 WEEKS. I’m just going to distract myself with shiny green and yellow things to buy. Oooh! Look! Flags!




This is our World Cup Cake pop inspiration photo.

I’m sure you guys have all your World Cup viewing plans well in hand, but if not, click on this handy dandy Papagaio World Cup link for all things World Cuppy. Shhhh. Cuppy is a word if I say it is. My kids are really getting into the World Cup. My little girls are planning on making World Cup cake pops this weekend.

I think they will look awesome, considering that their last attempt at cake pops turned out like this:


They’re supposed to be EAB graduates. Nailed it.

If you, like me, are not a huge sports fan, I stumbled across this handy little Gawker World Cup Primer. Now I know the difference between a kit and a uniform (hint: there is none).  Google, who also happens to be my personal physician, has created a World Cup website. Check out the street view of all 12 stadiums and iconic painted streets on the Google site.

Now go out there and root, root, root for your home team! Wait, I think that’s a baseball reference. Whatever.

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