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kateBy Kate Romero

This week’s column is adapted from a post on my personal blog, which I wrote before I was employed as the World’s Laziest  Hardest-Working Newsletter Editor. We’ve had several people asking about trips to Cristalina in the CLO office recently, so in honor of Earth Day this week, I’ve decided to recycle my review of Cristalina. I’m just trying to help the environment, yo. 

Not long ago (or maybe a year ago-who can remember?), we loaded up the car and joined a caravan of embassy families on a trip to Cristalina, about 125km south of Brasilia. As the name indicates, the town is famous for being one of the largest centers of production and commerce of precious and semi-precious stones and crystals in Brazil. The road to get to the crystal mine tested the limits of our 4WD beast of a car, but I think everyone had a pretty good time. We saw a lady walking on the side of the highway wearing nothing from the waist down. That was a highlight for the adolescent boys in the back of the car. Continue reading

Biggest Loser Corner: Drink Responsibly

From Beth Knarr

4Be sure you’re not drinking your calories! Those liquid luxuries may be packing on  more pounds that you might think. Here’s what a day in beverage consumption adds up to:

However, sometimes you may just need a drink! (your reasons are your own). Being aware of the caloric content of your favorite adult beverage can help you make wiser choices and keep you from drowning your success in a bottle. Continue reading

English speaking Day Spa & Salon~ Lago Sul


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College. Wait, What Just Happened?

 kateBy Kate Romero

Hi kids! I know it’s been a while, but I keep running out of time to write every week. This has nothing to do with my new photo app that let’s me try out different hair colors without commitment.  It’s because they work my little fingers to the bone in the CLO office. Those diarista ads don’t write themselves, you know. Speaking of diaristas, mine quit on me last week. She’s been with me three years and she knows how I like my socks rolled instead of folded inside each other so they don’t get stretched out. Don’t judge. Being the positive person I am (shut up, you), I’m using this as an opportunity to whip my kids into shape in the event that Uncle Sam ever gives us an onward assignment and we can no longer afford household help. Considering that one of my kids complained about his underwear not being folded since our maid left, we have a long way to go. Continue reading

Biggest Loser Tips

From Beth Knarr

The contest is over halfway finished, and all the teams are putting in a great effort. It’s time to treat yourself, but not with treats (despite the huge sale in the commissary). Here are five ways to reward your weight-loss journey that don’t involve food!

womanreadinginbed11. Dig in! (To a good book)

Whether you find a new read, finally take time to finish one you’ve started, or treat yourself to a stack of virtual magazines, rewarding yourself with reading is not only good for your goals, it’s good for your mind, too! Continue reading

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Portuguese for Foreigners and Brazilian Culture Classes

CONEXÃO BRASIL is a school that offers Portuguese classes for foreigners as well as a program on Brazilian Culture. The Portuguese courses are given individually and in groups, and are structured in levels of expertise, for beginners and advanced students. We also offer speaking classes and a specific program for the CELPE-BRAS Certificate. The Brazilian Culture Program is intended for immersion not only in the Portuguese language but also in the multiple different aspects that historically constitutes the Brazilian culture. This program is given in Portuguese with the purpose of promoting a deeper immersion in the Portuguese language.  Continue reading

Embassy Softball Team Finishes a Successful Season

The US Embassy Mens’ Softball team finished their season last Saturday.  They were beaten 2-3 by the EAB boys’ softball team (Go Bulls!).  The men are nursing their aches and pains while the boys are headed to Big 4 in Sao Paulo this week to compete against other international schools. Congrats on a great season, guys!

ball Continue reading

US Embassy Wins Big at Clube Naval Tennis Tournament

Aamir Alavi (ESTH), Alexandre Carvalho (IRM), Stella Chamarelli (RSO), Alex Toth (DEA), Will Torrence (DEA), and Kristin Rohde(ECON) recently particpated in Clube Naval’s tennis tournament commemorating the club’s 40th anniversary.

Will Torrence and Kristin Rohde were champions of the Mixed Doubles, Division B category and Kristin Rohde and Stella Chamaralli were vice-champions of the Women’s Doubles, Division B category.    Continue reading

EAB EduArtes Students Win Community Service Award

Global Citizens Award

Congratulations to EAB’s EduArtes community service students, who were recently honored with an international Global Citizens Award. The following is the note sent to the students by AASSA’s Executive Director: “Dear Members of EduArtes, Congratulations!   You have been selected as a recipient of one of the AASSA Global Citizen Awards.  We are truly impressed with your exceptional accomplishments and contributions aimed at bettering our world in a lasting way through your work with EduArtes. This year’s award by TIECARE International and AASSA is $1,000 and it is meant to go to the charitable organization that was cited in your application. Again, congratulations on your award. Keep up the great work!” gin1 Continue reading

Biggest Loser Corner: Come on Get Appy!

From Beth Knarr:

Come On, Get Appy!

A fitness journey is best undertaken with a great support group. You already have the commiseration of your fellow biggest loser teammates and competitors, now it’s time to get a little tech support.

If you’re like me, my phone (or tablet or computer) are my most constant companion. Although games like Angry Birds don’t offer much in exercise, except for your index finger, a phone is a great device to track your calorie consumption, browse recipes, and find an international support network.
Here’s a couple of apps for you to try: Continue reading

English Speaking Hair Salon in Asa Norte

English Speaking hair salon in Asa Norte and trained in USA and Europe.  We also do shellac all your nail polish are OPI and ESSE.

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The Role of the Regional Education Officer

“The mission of the Office of Overseas Schools is to promote quality educational opportunities at the elementary and secondary level for dependents of American citizens carrying out our programs and interests of the U.S. Government abroad.

Our efforts are to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by upgrading educational institutions which serve to demonstrate American educational principles and methods employed in the United States.”

~The Office of Overseas Schools Continue reading

Project Teach: Have a Little Bit of Extra Time?

By Fiorella Medina, Former Project Teach Coordinator

When I arrived in Brasilia in December 2012, I was uncertain of what my role would be in this new community. With no job, children, or particular hobby, there was no default way for me to spend my time. In order to keep myself busy, I decided to join Project T.E.A.C.H on an excursion to an underprivileged school in Águas Lindas. This experience turned out to be far more rewarding and meaningful than a simple activity to pass the time. Continue reading