Ladies Who Lunch: L’Entrecôte de Paris

By Kate Romero
7Full disclosure: I totally forgot to write this restaurant review. I’ve been very busy running out of office supplies and crying into my keyboard without our trusty assistant Juliana around. But hey, good for her and her new job! Who cares about my needs? Also, my husband was home visiting from the Sandbox, and you know how that goes. I had to kiss his face and impress him with my mad skills of surviving alone near the wilds of Jardim Botânico with nothing but part-time household help and four children to do the dishes. To make matters worse, my massage lady has been on vacation and IT’S HARD TO BE ME, you guys. In addition to all that, I was apparently very busy bulking up for the Biggest Loser Contest, so if you need to find me, I’ll be the one crying into my rice cakes in the corner.
Where was I? Oh yes.  L’Entrecôte de Paris.    I dined at this chic little French restaurant a while back with the Ladies Who Lunch, but this is a unique place that deserves mentioning, so I’ve dusted off my memory and these dingy photos so I could, you know, do my actual job or whatever. So the deal with this place is that it only serves one dish. ONE DISH.  Now, I’m the kind of person that likes to order what I want and how I want it, and I want it to be the most delicious dish at the table so everyone can be jealous of me. Despite my disdain for all things gimmicky (and if anything sounds like a gimmick to me, it’s a one-dish restaurant), I was game to try it. Apparently these restaurants are a thing now, and have become quite popular.
So.  The dish. It’s steak. With special SECRET Sauce and french fries. That’s it, but it does come in different sizes from what I like to call, ‘Dainty Little Bovine’ to ‘Don’t Forget Your Defibrillator’. I’m not going to lie, the steak was very good. I mean, if you only serve one dish, you’d better do it right, right? The fries were fries. Meh. They weren’t hand-cut from Russet potatoes or anything, just boring old fries. What I’m saying is, they could have been better for it to be fully half of the ONE DISH. However, maybe I was there on an off day, because about twenty minutes ago my friend Desiree mentioned that she thought the fries at L’blahblahblah de Paris were really good, and Desiree is a foodie. She also informed me that they are bottomless fries, which is practically a game changer.  As for the Secret Sauce, it was very tasty, and I was happy to dip the so-so fries in it. The flavor of the secret sauce can best be described as tasting like….secrets.
We ordered a yummy appetizer of a trio of…..stuff. Here is where my memory is fuzzy. That looks like foie gras in the middle with some kind of food in containers on the side of it. With bread. Are you guys totally surprised that I’m not a famous food critic with my amazing restaurant reporting? I do remember that we all enjoyed the appetizer, but what really knocked my socks off was the pepper grinder on the table. I love pepper, and it saddens me that Brazil doesn’t. I’ve been known to keep a travel pepper grinder in my purse. See all the pepper on my Secret Sauce up there? Yum.
Oh, yes, apparently there was salad. I didn’t waste my calories on dumb old salad, but somebody at our table did and she claimed it was very good.
I’ve heard they also have amazing desserts, but after all that meat, I was nearly comatose. I didn’t even have room to finish my cocktail! Just kidding. I totally finished it.
And let us not forget this little beauty:
A perfect cafezinho com leite with a tiny, adorable meringue on the side.
Well, there you have it. L’Entrecôte de Paris: Recommended! If you are in the mood for steak and fries, that is.
CLS 402 Bl. D, Lj. 9, Brasília, DF, 70236-540

Business hours

Mon to Fri: 12h00 to 15h00 and 19h30 to 24h00
Fri and Sat: 12h00 to 16h00 and 19h00 to 01h00
Sunday: 12h00 to 17h00
Closed: Sunday evening

– Valet Parking

– Access for disabled


Make reservations at least 6 hours in advance. Schedules available for booking: lunch and dinner until 12:30 until 20:30. The reservation will be valid subject to availability and confirmation via email.

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