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Foreign Service Facebook Round-Up (Updated)

New Foreign Service community Facebook groups are popping up all the time. Here are some of the most active. All of these are moderated, with restricted membership, for privacy and security reasons. Click “Join Group” and look for a message in your “Other” inbox on Facebook from one of the moderators requesting information to approve your membership.

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Biggest Loser Corner: Brown Bag It!

From Beth Knarr

quick lunchYou’ve done it…you’ve taken control of your health by joining in the contest, you’ve taken control of your cravings by choosing healthy foods and you’ve taken control of your fitness by increasing your daily activities.

Now it’s time to take control of your lunch!  Taking your own lunch with you, rather than eating a prepared lunch in a cafeteria or restaurant, has a ton of benefits:

1) You pack the food you like.

2) You control your portion sizes.

3) You know exactly what is in the food (beware of the butter in restaurant food…there’s an average of one stick of butter per serving in some dishes!)

4) You’re doing something good for the environment. (Use a washable container, and cut down on paper waste.)

5) People who bring their lunch are cool. Try it, you’ll see!

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EAB Dominates at Model United Nations in Bahia

By Luca Rade, EAB Senior and MUN Leader

From the 12th to the 16th of March, after weeks of preparation, EAB’s MUN program travelled to Bahia for BRAMUN, Brazil’s primary MUN conference, where 15 American and international schools from across Brazil and neighboring countries come together to debate on the most pressing issues facing our world today. There, 24 EAB delegates represented countries and organizations ranging from Nigeria to the European Union in committees ranging from the Historical Security Council to the Economic and Social Committee. The topics discussed also covered a wide spectrum, from age-old problems such as corruption and prostitution to problems that have emerged over the last century such as the Israeli-Palestine conflict and the human rights of HIV patients. Finally, the crises that have arisen over the past few months and years were hotly debated, such as Syria and Ukraine. Furthermore, two EAB students were part of the leadership team of the conference; one chaired the Disarmament and International Security Committee and the other was a vice-chair for the Political Committee.

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Yoga at the Dutch Embassy Residence


Wednesdays, 12h30 – 13h30: Isabelle’s Flow yoga
As usual, a donation of R$10 per class is suggested.  We will donate all proceeds to charity.

Fridays, 12h30 – 13h30: Cristophe Sat Darshan Singh’s Kundalini yoga

The contribution of R$30 goes 100% to a Project called YOGA TEACHERS 4 AFRICA – check out &

Please note Isabelle will teach the Friday class of March 28th. 


Residence of the Ambassador, Embassy of The Netherlands, SES Qd 801 – make sure to enter from the lakeside entrance!

(Katharina tel: 3321 4418, 8143 0574)

We hope you will join us in Katharina’s wonderful garden setting … friends and Family also welcome. Luis the turtle might join us at times!

Feel free to bring your mat and props if you have, if you don’t, there are a few available for your convenience.


Ad: Diarista

Diarista available

Katia de Cassia Souza Bomfin has Monday to Thursday available.  She is very reliable, trustworthy and has her own car.  She has worked for several U.S. Embassy families over the past years and can provide recommendations.  She is wonderful with kids and pets.   Please contact her at 3339-8156.

Recommended by Marion Lange (



Work Opportunity for Native Mandarin Speaker

WORK OPPORTUNITY FOR NATIVE MANDARIN SPEAKER:  Our family is seeking a native Mandarin speaker to teach, interact and coach  our two preschool sons for 10-20 hours per week starting the week of June 1.  After six years in Beijing, the boys speak Mandarin as a first language and we want to maintain their fluency.  If you or someone you know speaks Chinese and appreciates children, please contact me!  Competitive salary, commensurate with experience.  Please contact Holly at for more information. Continue reading

A Note of Gratitude from The Aylwards

Dear U.S. Embassy Brasilia,

As many of you know, our younger son Grayson recently contracted a bacterial infection which caused some fairly significant health issues for him, most serious of which was acute failure of both of his kidneys. Grayson has been in the pediatric ICU here in Brasilia for about 12 days now and is undergoing dialysis treatment day and night to help his kidneys recover.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have offered support and prayers during this difficult time for us. We would particularly like to thank the staff of the U.S Embassy Medical Unit. Philip, Melissa, Isabelle, and Bruno have been nothing short of spectacular in their efforts.  We honestly do not know what the outcome would have been if this entire team did not jump into action that Saturday night nearly two weeks ago. We cannot thank them enough and want the Embassy community at large to know how invaluable they have been for us as we navigate the challenges of Grayson’s condition. Continue reading

Ladies Who Lunch: L’Entrecôte de Paris

By Kate Romero
7Full disclosure: I totally forgot to write this restaurant review. I’ve been very busy running out of office supplies and crying into my keyboard without our trusty assistant Juliana around. But hey, good for her and her new job! Who cares about my needs? Also, my husband was home visiting from the Sandbox, and you know how that goes. I had to kiss his face and impress him with my mad skills of surviving alone near the wilds of Jardim Botânico with nothing but part-time household help and four children to do the dishes. To make matters worse, my massage lady has been on vacation and IT’S HARD TO BE ME, you guys. In addition to all that, I was apparently very busy bulking up for the Biggest Loser Contest, so if you need to find me, I’ll be the one crying into my rice cakes in the corner. Continue reading

Carpooling at the Embassy


Interested in forming a carpool to get to and from work? The embassy is considering connecting employees that live near each other to form carpools. If interested in being a driver or rider, please contact Nat Turner ( to participate in this Green Committee Initiative!

In a few weeks Nat will call a meeting to coordinate with riders and drivers.


Biggest Loser Corner: Feed Your Mind!


Actually, En Vogue sang “free your mind” but feeding your mind is a great idea as well.  We are now a couple of months into the Biggest Loser contest, and while the dramatic results you saw in the first few weeks are tapering off, some of the long-term benefits of a healthier diet and more active lifestyle are starting to show. Continue reading

Ad: Diarista Available

Karina Lidia has Mondays and Wendesdays available. She has worked for Embassy families for three years.  References available.

Contact: 9248-9044

Recommended by Brianna Powers and Haris Kulovic

Combatting Bullying in Overseas Schools

FSYF logoBy Dr. James Brush, Child & Family Program

Bullying Overseas

Those who work in support of families abroad, such as FLO, FSYF, the Office of Overseas Schools and the Child and Family Program have heard much about bullying in schools that our children attend. The problem seems greatest where children and teens from the U.S. are in a minority and there is a large representation of local, well-connected and/or wealthy young people at the school. It is compounded by isolation U.S. expatriate children and teens often feel when the native language dominates all social communications, including between classes and at lunch breaks. Continue reading

Musicians for Hire

If you or your office are looking for a band performance

for a party or a special event with qualified musicians

(small, large, private or official events),

here is a very good option:


Arms Wide Open: Cristo Redentor

BBC News recently published a very comprehensive story about Rio’s most famous resident. Take a look at this fascinating article here:



College Corner: The New SAT

 A few highlights from College Board President David Coleman’s announcement (at SxSW EDU in Austin, TX) about delivering opportunity and the redesigned SAT:

• The College Board is partnering with Khan Academy to provide free, online test preparation for the new SAT.
• The College Board is partnering with The Atlantic to create Pulitzer-style award for student analytical writing. 
• The SAT will return to the 1600-point scale.
• The SAT will be offered in both print and digital formats.
• The SAT will include a passage from a “Founding Document” or a “Great Global Conversation.”
• Students will no longer lose points for a wrong answer. (E.g., the “guessing penalty” is eliminated).
• The essay is now optional.
• The SAT will now focus on words that “are widely used in college and career.” (The Atlantic reports that “the era of ‘SAT words’ is over.”)
• Calculators will only be permitted on certain portions of the math section. The math section will focus on fewer topics.
• Income-eligible students will receive fee waivers for their applications to four universities.

More information found at: