Got Romance?

profileloveBy Kate Romero

Hi kids. Happy Valentine’s Day! Barf. Okay, maybe I’m a little bitter because my beloved is on another continent dodging rockets this Valentine’s Day. Last year I was feeling all the feels that accompany February 14 as dictated by commercialism.  I even made up some handy dandy printable Valentine Cards for you guys to give to your namorada/o.  Click here if you want to see those and you have a loved one to give them to. Whatever.  I’m not bitter.

Juliana in the CLO office has compiled a list of romantic places to eat this Valentine’s Day, and since it is not a Brazilian holiday, it won’t be crowded and reeking of dumb grody love everywhere you look.  And hey, don’t worry about me.  I’ve got a heart-shaped gluten-free pizza with my name on it. And a date with my interim namorado, who goes by the name of Vinho.

Places I personally have been to and recommend for a date night are starred. Feel free to add your own favorite or make notes on any of these in the comments.

Au Fondue

Endereço: SHIS QI 07 Bloco B Loja 30 – Lago Sul

Telefone(s): (61) 3248-3061

*Bottarga (Click here for a Ladies Who Lunch)

Endereço: SHIS QI 05 conjunto 09 – Espaço Maria Tereza – Lago Sul

Telefone:(61) 3248-4828

Chez Fondue

Endereço: SCLS 407 Bloco C Loja 2 – Asa Sul

Telefone(s): (61) 3443-2925

Gastronomia Gatto Nero

Endereço: SHIS QI 07 Bloco B loja 105 – Lago Sul

Telefone(s): (61) 3248-1609


Endereço: SCES Centro de Lazer Beira Lago, trecho 2, lote 39 – Asa Sul

Telefone(s): (61) 3225-1717 / 8123-9273

*Nossa Cozinha Bistrô

Endereço: CLN 402 bloco C loja 60 – Asa Norte

Telefone:(61) 3326-5207


Endereço: Setor de Clubes Sul Lote 02 conjunto 02 – Clube de Golfe – Lago Sul

Telefone:(61) 3323-5961

Toujours Bistrot

Endereço: SCLS 405 Bloco D Loja 18 – Asa Sul

Telefone:(61) 3242-7067

Villa Tevere

Endereço: SCLS 115 Bloco A Loja 2 – Asa Sul

Telefone:(61) 3345-5513

Expand Bistrot

Endereço: SCLS 403 Bloco D Loja 34 – Asa Sul

Telefone(s): (61) 3226-6800

Restaurante Oscar

Endereço: SHTN Trecho 01 Lote 01 – Brasilia Palace Hotel – Asa Norte

Telefone(s): (61) 3306-9060


Endereço: CLN 413 Bloco A, loja 40 – Asa Norte

Telefone(s): (61) 3037-2132

One response to “Got Romance?

  1. He he, she said grody.

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