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Personal Mail Policy for Mission Brazil

This Management Instruction outlines Mission Brazil’s policy regarding how American direct hire personnel receive personal mail using the Diplomatic Post Office (DPO) and Unclassified Pouch.

Mission Brazil receives personal boxes and flat mail in one of two ways, either through the DPO or through the Unclassified Pouch, both run by the Department of State (DoS).   Mission Brazil’s DPO is located in Consulate General Rio de Janeiro, where incoming shipments are re-bagged and trucked to Sao Paulo and Brasilia, and flown to Recife.  Mission ICASS resources pay for all shipments after the DPO mail hits Rio de Janeiro.

To reiterate the information that was published in Management Notice 12-059 of August of 2012, Mission Brazil’s mail policy is as follows: Continue reading

Lifechanging Apps for Living in Brasilia!

– Brasília Guide App

Local knowledge in your pocket. Compiled by local experts, the Brasília Guide app will help you track down the best of the Capital, featuring:

Hotels, restaurants, sights, bars and nightlife, museums, attractions, entertainment, cinemas, arts & culture, arilines, flight tracks, city tours, taxis, weather forecast, updated news, photo galleries with 360º panoramas, and much more Download Brasília free app now from the iTunes App Store.

Or visit its website: Continue reading


imageBy Kate Romero

I’m having trouble finding my snark right now, but no worries, I’m sure it will kick in any minute.  In the meantime, I can tell you Why! I’m So! Happy!  My old man is home, visiting from the sandbox.  And I missed his guts.  In fact, I should probably be following him around the house right now, petting him and stroking his face with a crazed smile, but no, I’m sitting at my desk, drinking lukewarm coffee, and writing about how deliriously happy I am right now.  Of course it’s not all rainbows and unicorns at Casa Romero.  I mean, he’s never even lived in the house we are living in now, so basically it’s like he moved into my house and stole my dog out from under me at the same time.  Which is fine.  I never liked that dog anyway.  Ooh, look!  My snark is back already. I knew it wouldn’t take long. Continue reading

Department-Wide Recognition Awards

From Ambassador Liliana Ayalde:

Deputy Chief of Mission Todd Chapman and I are delighted to convey our congratulations to the following members of Mission Brazil for their being singled out as winners, runners-up or nominees for a variety of Department-Wide Recognition awards.  The leadership, initiative, determination, and dedication to our multi-faceted work in Brazil that led to these honors should be an inspiration to us all. Continue reading

Feira dos Importados

profilepicBy Kate Romero (Yes, that’s my stupid picture. My friend who edits a couple of online newspapers told me I need to have a photo so my columns seem “friendlier”, which I find hilarious, but whatever, here’s my super-friendly face!).

I’ve had several people whining at me for slacking off wondering where my column was the last few weeks, and the truth is, I keep running out of work hours.  You know what else I’ve been doing?  Working out.  I know!  Like, in the gym and stuff. Sure, people see me as they’re walking by and burst out laughing, but I don’t care, because now I have Extreme Muscles.  My friend Katie made me start going with her, and I was sure it was just going to be one of those things we do, like sit around drinking wine and talking about how skinny we’re going to get when we start exercising.  At first I tried to distract her from the fact that I was just fondling the equipment rather than using it by cracking jokes and singing, but no, she made me do a routine with reps and stuff.  I thought I was going to die the first day, but it’s getting easier.  Today I forgot my towel, so when I got out of the shower I had to dry off with a washcloth.  That was pretty awesome, but she locked her locker keys in her locker, so I still think I came out ahead. I am pretty annoyed that my massage lady didn’t notice my Extreme Muscles yet.

I’ve also been doing a teensy bit of CLO stuff. Last week, we went on a field trip to  Feira dos Importados, and I was apparently in charge of the group and stuff. Fortunately, I was with a very capable group of people that didn’t need any of my cruddy “help”.  Here are most of us:

IMG_4428 (Large)

Marion, Laurie, Richard, Lidia, Me in my CLO outfit, Missy, Katie, and Christine

Continue reading

Visitando New York City?

Visitando New York City?

If you are visiting the Big Apple, but missing the taste of home, we have deal for you!

Regina O’Connor, a spouse of an officer here in Brasilia, owns a very successful and beautiful restaurant in NYC and has kindly dropped off some 10% discount cards in CLO.  The restaurant is called Emporium Brasil Restaurant – located at 15w 46th Street.  Feel free to share with your Brazilian friends!

Drop by CLO before you leave and get your card!

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Bike Donations Needed for Embassy Bike Share Program

greencommitteeThe Embassy’s Green Committee is looking for donations of bicycles to be used for a Brasilia bike share program.  We want like to offer people a no-pollution commuting or recreation option.  Bikes will be kept at the embassy and rented at a cost-recovery basis to help more people get out and bike.

If you have a bike to donate, or have questions about how you can help in this effort, please contact Mark Sorenson or Monica Barreto of the Green Committee at or  Thanks.


Need a Tuxedo for the Marine Ball?

Need a tuxedo for the Marine Ball?

Precisa de um smoking para o Baile dos Fuzileiros?

SENHOR – Aluguel de Roupas.

W3 Sul Quadra 509 Bloco C loja 43

PoC: Francisco MOREIRA

3244-8200 / 3443-2453


Ad: Maid

Cleanice has worked in my family since 2009. She is hard working, does great job cleaning, laundry and ironing and cooks basic type of foods “Brazilian style”. Available Monday-Friday. Her contact information is 61-8567-8504/ 61-9538-7471 / 61-9861-0093.

Socorro Leal from the Political Section recommends her.


From the Health Unit

Our bodies have a sophisticated fluid management system.  This balance is important as approximately 75% of the body is made up of water.  We are constantly losing fluids throughout the day as we breathe, sweat, urinate, and defecate.  But this fluid is easily replaced by drinking. Continue reading

SOSA Winners Announced

The Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW) have announced the six regional winners of the 2013 Secretary of State Award (SOSA) for Outstanding 
Volunteerism Abroad:

Elizabeth Orlando – Abuja (AF)

Jameson De Bose – Bangkok (EAP)

Marilyn Kott – Pristina (EUR) Amber Boyd-Eiholzer – Amman (NEA)

Gretel Patch – Kathmandu (SCA) Megan Gallardo – La Paz (WHA)

The 2013 SOSA Awards will be presented at the annual AAFSW Awards Program on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 in the Benjamin Franklin Room of the HST Building. For detailed summaries of the winners’ volunteer contributions and information on the awards program, please visit AAFSW’s website at:


Shipping Holiday Packages? What You Need to Know . . .

October through January is the busiest time of the year for pouch and DPO mail. To ensure all your holiday packages arrive on time, the Diplomatic Pouch and Mail (DPM) recommends that mail and parcels arrive at their facility (SA-32) by Friday, November 22. The U.S.

Postal Service also wants DPO mail by the dates listed at:  Please keep in mind that DPO is for personal use only — no official use. Continue reading

LE Staff of the Month: Rafaela Marques Lins

Rafaela worked at the U.S. Embassy as a Procurement Agent from October 2007 to December 2008. Rafaela resigned in order to attend a three-month English Course as Second Language at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). She applied for the position of Administrative Clerk on GSO on May 2012 and was promoted to the position of Purchasing Agent on May 2013. Rafaela Lins was born in Brasilia. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education from UNICEUB, Brasilia – DF. Continue reading