Shave and a Haircut

By Kate Romero

You guys, my car is fixed! Which means I can ride around town with the air conditioning in my hair and the wind at my back. On the outside of the car where it belongs. This new development also makes my dog happy, because if there’s one thing he loves, it’s sticking his head out the window while his tongue flops in the warm breeze. My dog and I are very fancy with our car lotion and working electric windows.

Speaking of fancy, I have such a fancy dog that even our two Brazilian veterinarians have never heard of his breed.
“He’s a what?”
“A Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier”.
“A Wheaten Terrier”.
“No, I’m pretty sure he’s a mutt. He looks exactly like a Brazilian mutt.”

I don’t take offense to the vets calling my dog a mutt the way my husband does.  “What the..? We drove across the state of Washington to a rural breeder and paid a thousand bucks for that dog and they’re calling him a mutt?” You should know that I have nothing against mutts, I’ve had mutts my whole life, but we thought long and hard about what kind of dog to get before Seamus (it’s an Irish name-Wheaten Terriers originated in Ireland) came into our family. My criteria: doesn’t shed or drool and has a cute face (same criteria I had for boyfriends back in the day!).

Now, since Wheaten Terriers are an unknown breed here in Brasilia, I always have trouble getting him groomed. He needs regular grooming since he doesn’t shed. Here is an example of a classic Wheaten cut:


I think that cut is kind of ugly, so here is how we used to cut his hair so he didn’t look too fancy (despite having a fancy car with windows that work, we’re really not that fancy of a family-I don’t even know when the last time was that I had my kids groomed):


Totally adorable, right? Just look at that face (which, incidentally, is cuter than all the faces of my old boyfriends).  We kept his hair long because we lived on a chilly island outside of Seattle. It’s too hot for hair that long here in Brazil, so we are constantly on a quest for that perfect short haircut.

Now, here is a mini gallery of his last couple of haircuts:


This piece is called: “Wading Through the Fur Swamp”


This piece is called: “Dog: Inside Out”

So now, my poor pup is hiding under the bed in shame.  I blame myself. I never bring a proper picture, and my portuguese is terrible.  If there’s one thing we prize in our family, it’s our shaggy blonde hair. Except Mitch, who thinks a full head of hair is overrated. Besides, he has a grey beard and I’ve told him that’s almost as good as thick, blonde hair. My point is that our dog used to fit the family profile: Blonde, Irish, not too eager to please anyone,  loves sandwiches. Now that he’s bald, middle-aged, and somewhat grumpy…..wait a minute. I think my dog has turned into my husband. Whew, he fits the family profile after all.

It’s too late for my dog to be pretty for the embassy’s First Annual Dog Show on April 13, but it’s not too late for yours!  Start making those beauty shop appointments for your pooches and practicing their special talents with them.  I probably won’t even bring Seamus. His only special talent was being cute, unless there is a category for “Not Horrible But Not Terribly Smart Dogs”, because he could totally win that one.

For more information on pets, visit our Pet Corner, and for information on bringing pets to Brazil, click here.

3 responses to “Shave and a Haircut

  1. Kate, It was very funny…I had a good time reading that!!! 🙂

  2. OMG…the fur swamp cut? Really, Kate? I think you actually had a boyfriend with a fur swamp cut. Wasn’t he in that band called Urban Vomit?

  3. Loved your photos and found this post after search for ‘shaved terrier.’ I used your photo in my letter with attribution to this blog. Thank you for the story. You can see your ‘inside out dog’ here:

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