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Pet Corner: Travel Tips with Pets

By Dr. Leslie Prescott

If you have a dog or cat here in Brasília and will be leaving post with your pet, in the near future, it is time to start planning for the transport of your companion. Rules and regulations change frequently, so it is very important to check with the airlines, your veterinarian (for the current Brazilian departure procedures) and the destination country regularly to ensure that your information is up to date. Continue reading

Fiesta Philippines Buffet and Catering

at your service…

às ordens…

Fiesta Philippines

Asian and International Cuisine

Buffet & Catering




Barbara 93203385; Remi 8294-0916

Teresa 8265-3098; Carl 92984222

RSO: Carnaval Security Measures

Due to the large concentration of people in the streets during Carnaval, there is an increased risk of theft, as well as the possibility of surging crowds, causing injuries.

 RSO suggests that you adopt the following security measures in order to ensure a safe and secure Carnaval: Continue reading

College Corner: For High School Juniors

From EAB Counselor Kenya Galdamez

Sign up for the Free Official SAT Question of the Day:

Things to remember in preparation for College:

– Concentrate on your classes and improve your GPA

– Find a volunteer opportunity in an organization in your community Continue reading

Student Corner: Online Resources

Some great online resources for your elementary student to help prepare for MAP testing and improve their academic skills:


Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic catalogs are now available online. Please follow directions below to get started.  Bonus points that are accrued will be used to purchase books for a children’s library located in the Community Liaison Office. Thanks for your support! Contact Kelly at for more information.

 Scholastic Book Clubs Ordering Information
(Ordering and delivery available to U.S. Embassy community only)
Class Activation Code: KP8JT Continue reading

Subway and US Embassy Local Partnership

Embassy employees can order by email ( for delivery, especially large orders, and receive a 10% discount. 

subway1 Continue reading

Ad: Day Maid

Day Maid available:
Maria José (tel. 61 9698-9156), has some spare days free in the week. She is excellent and very reliable, has many years of working experience for diplomats.

Please call Maria José directly or for references call Sharon (tel. 61 8121-9206).

College Corner: Information for HS Juniors

From EAB counselor Kenya Galdamez:

Things to remember in preparation for College:

 – Concentrate on your classes and improve your GPA

– Find a volunteer opportunity in an organization in your community

– Sign up for clubs at our school Continue reading

AAFSW: Spousal Employment in the Foreign Service

By Nicole Schaefer McDaniel,  AAFSW Member

“So, what do you do for a living?”

I am on my second tour and still respond to that question with a blank stare, especially when it is asked by someone outside of the Foreign Service. (I have a similar response when people ask me where “home” is.).

It’s not that I am not working— I am quite busy keeping up with two toddlers, running an expatriate household, and using some of my precious free time to write and volunteer. Of course, little to none of this is paid work so not everyone considers what I do to be “work.” But it is work, I promise! Continue reading

SPA & CIA Discount for US Embassy Employees


SPA & CIA is located in Pier 21 and is offering 15% discount to US Embassy employees.  You just have to show their embassy badges when they request the service.  Please note that the discount cannot be added to other promotions, packages or services that already have discounts. They have English-speaking personnel available.


Phone number: 3224-2540, contact Pedro Vasco.  Website:

Ad: French Lessons

 Voulez-vous parler Français?/Want to learn French?

Looking for a native French speaker to learn French with? Look no further!

I’m available from the 11th February, afternoons and evenings and can travel to homes.

I also speak English fluently and can provide English language conversation practice.

Call John Regniez on: (61) 99721274 or

Ad: Diarista Available

My wonderful maid, Graca, has a relative looking for work as a diarisa/empregada.  Graca says she has excellent references from several Brazilian families.

Call Cleonice: 9193-4563

Recommended by Kate  (I have never met Cleonice personally, but can vouch for Graca)

A Day in Pirenópolis

By Kate Romero

As you may have heard, the summer break is a long one, so last weekend we decided to get out of town to break up the monotony.  We’ve been at post a year and a half, and had never been to Pirenópolis, plus, the weather looked good, so off we went.  We’d tried to find a pousada or hotel, but couldn’t find anything available on such short notice, so we decided on just a day trip. Friends have said that it’s best to spend the night, so we would have time to enjoy a visit to both the town and the waterfalls, but since there are practically waterfalls on every street corner here (heck, I even had one coming from the ceiling inside my house for two months), we decided we would be fine just checking out the town.

pir1 Continue reading

GSO: Reminder on HE Washers

Reminder on High Efficiency Washers

 GSO would like to remind those in the embassy community with high efficiency (HE) washers, that the washers require the use of HE detergents and that using regular detergent in these machines can affect cleaning performance, cause the machine to overflow, and continued use of non-HE detergent can cause mechanical problems with the machine over time.  We are working with ESSA and HE detegent will be available in the commisary in the near future.  Continue reading