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Halloween Decorating Contest Winners – USAID/CDC and MLO

Again this year, the top honors for Best Decorations was awarded to our colleagues from USAID/CDC!  This is the 4th year in a row they have won 1st place!  This year, their theme was Disney Villians with a different fairy tale or cartoon depicted in each cubicle. Spooky trees, eerie lighting, and talented actors created a fantastic atmosphere for both kid and adult alike!

The Military Liaison Office went with a more traditional (and gruesome) Halloween theme, complete with a head on a plate, body parts, and spooky creatures of all sorts.  The competition was VERY tight this year – the MLO won 2nd Place!  Both sections will receive a pizza lunch courtesy of CLO.

CLO would like to thank ALL of the sections who worked so hard to make this event really special for the children.  ALL of the sections were amazing!!!  We are gathering photos from the event and will send the link to the album as soon as possible.

The Best-Paying Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

Note: This article has been provided to The Papagaio as part of the Family Liaison Office’s Global Employment Initiative. Learn more about GEI.

October 31, 2012

Telepharmacists have escaped from behind the counter to review prescriptions and check for drug interactions from wherever they choose. Ann Rathke, the telepharmacy coordinator at North Dakota State University’s College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Sciences says a telepharmacist will earn a median salary of $105,000 working for a retailer and $118,000 working for a hospital.

Telenurses are hired by hospitals to do telephone triage—advising patients over the phone—and earn near the $65,000 median salary of traditional registered nurses. Medical transcriptionists also often work remotely, turning physicians’ voice recordings into typed reports, and earn a median salary of $33,000. Continue reading

Ad: Maid Recommendation

Elisangela, former daily maid for american family, and currently my maid, has days available during the week. She is hard working and very reliable. Contact her directly at: 8425 – 3770

Posted by Sylvia Diez.

Protected: A Baby Boom for Mission Brasilia!!

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Gift Baskets Store Recommended

Looking for a special present?  CLO recently ordered a basket of fruit and other speciality foods from this store/site as a thank you gift, and the recipients were very pleased!  You can either order off the site (American credit cards should work), or you can go to the store and hand pick the items you would like to include in your basket. Juliana has been using this company for years and has not been disappointed.

Store location: 403 Norte, Bloco E, Loja 7


Diplomatic Baggage In Brasilia Featured in AAFSW Newsletter

From Global Link, a newsletter of the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide.  AAFSW advocates for Foreign Service families.  Visit AAFSW online at for more information.

I landed in Brasilia almost two years ago as a first tour “Eligible Family
Member.” The transition from familiar America to exotic Brazil felt like hurtling
into the terrestrial atmosphere from space!

I didn’t speak Portuguese since I had been too busy parenting a toddler to
take classes. I didn’t have my car, I couldn’t read the street signs, and my husband was busy acclimating to his new career. I began to realize that if I was going to make it in Brasilia, I had to make this place my own. Continue reading

Ad: Boxing personal trainer



Get out of the office and breath in the fresh air, while topping up your tan, with the sun beaming, you complete the physical challenge of the day.  Punch away your stress, release endorphins, and love that feeling.  This could possibly be the most enjoyable way to shred fat and tone up.  A typical session will consist of skipping, shadow boxing, pad work, circuit training, core work, and stretching.  The classes will be conducted in English, and can be as a group or one to one sessions.  So bring out the Rocky in you and contact us now!

Phone:  8257-8669         Email:

Ad: Women and Men’s Hairstylist

If you are you looking for a very experienced American-trained hairstylist who can do all types of hair and color (women and men), contact Mr. Souza at:

9224-4508 or

He has 15 years of experience in the U.S. and Brazil and graduated from The French Institute in Washington, DC. He specializes in hair color design, Keratin treatment, highlights, blow dry, and styling. Fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Local AA meeting groups

The group’s website is, but unfortunately they do not have any meetings in English as of now. However, they do have an interpreter.  It is a Brazilian native that translates all the speeches.

There are many groups around the Federal District and the headquarters is at:

SDS – Conjunto “D” – nº 60 ,
Edifí­cio Eldorado – Sala 413,
CEP 70392-901,
Cx. Postal 8685 – CEP 70312-970,
Tel.: (61) 3226-0091

Amy Zimmerman Receives the SOSA Award

We are very pleased to congratulate Amy Zimmerman, who has been selected as the WHA Bureau recipient of the 2012 Secretary of State Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad (SOSA).  This is in recognition of her exceptional volunteer work supplementing the education, nutrition and care of disadvantaged children in Brasilia through the founding of Project T.E.A.C.H.

Amy’s efforts are exceptional in that the project is both greatly enriching the lives of Brazilian children, and also providing a fulfilling and sustainable volunteer opportunity for the mission community. Several other mission members who have volunteered with Project T.E.A.C.H, as well as the principal and teachers at the school provided compelling testimonials for inclusion in the nomination. In a little over a year the over 40 volunteers of Project T.E.A.C.H have given over 500 hours of service to the school Estação Vida in Aguas Lindas. Funds raised from bake sales, combined with donations of food from the restaurant Carne de Sol, have allowed the group to donate 850 kg fresh produce, 52 dozen eggs, 260kg chicken breast, 90 kg beef to the school over the past year. Amy also wrote a grant proposal to the Kirby Simon Trust in early 2012, and was awarded a grant to purchase furniture and create a welcoming and functional reading area at the school.

Amy will be presented with the award at a ceremony in the Benjamin Franklin Room of the Main State Harry S. Truman Building on Tuesday, December 4, 2012.

Congratulations are also due to two other members of the Brasilia U.S. Embassy community who were nominated for the award:

Kelly Dzurny was nominated by Public Affairs for spearheading the opening of the first English Language Resource Center at the Centro Interescolar de Linguas (CIL) in Brasilia. She spent nearly two months sorting and organizing more than 6,000 books, audio, video and reference materials, unpacking boxes, alphabetizing and organizing all of the materials onto the shelves and serving as a consultant to PA in the development of the best strategy for cataloging the materials. Because of Kelly’s exceptional act of service, PA was able to launch the center within two months and now thousands of CIL students have access to a center purely dedicated to learning English.

Liz Amen was nominated for her work in creating and championing a Facebook group, Diplomatic Baggage in Brasilia, which has quickly become a vital communication tool for a large number of Embassy spouses and employees. Many spouses have commented that the group has made a huge difference in their quality of life at post. AAFSW asked Liz to submit an article for the AAFSW November newsletter and website detailing the creation and success of the group.

The U.S. Embassy community in Brasilia is incredibly fortunate to have such a large number of caring people who are willing to give of their time to these and other causes. Continue reading

Pet Corner: Spotlight on Leishmaniasis

To all of the dog owners out there… If you are not yet aware of Canine Leishmaniasis (Leishmanose in portuguese), you should know about this potentially fatal disease that is not found in the US, but is a real problem here in Brazil, including Brasília. Leishmaniasis is a disease that is transmitted by a specific type of mosquito-like insect here and can affect the skin and/or internal organs of people and animals. Although the disease can be treated in people (please see the Health Unit with any human concerns), there are not effective treatments available in Brazil for dogs. Because infected dogs are viewed as a potential carrier for the disease and it is a serious public health concern, the law here states that infected dogs should be put to sleep. Continue reading

The Explainer: Street Food

Eating out in Brasilia is not typically an affordable venture, but this week’s Explainer delves into the bean-y underbelly of Brasilia’s cuisine.

Marmita (or Marmitex) – R$5

A marmita vendor in Lago Sul.

Starting at around 10:30 a.m. and extending until 1:00 p.m. or whenever the food runs out, these vendors line the median in Lago Sul and are stationed in grocery store parking lots and assorted street corners in the Asas. The styrofoam coolers sport a hand-written “Marmitex” label and are typically handled by a scantily-clad young woman. (There seems to be a correlation between amount of clothing on the saleswoman and the quality of the food. Less clothing = less flavor.) The customer base is typically day laborers such as gardeners and construction workers, but the food is available to anyone with R$5. “Martmita” is another word for pan or pot, but is commonly used to refer to a boxed (or take-away) lunch. Marmitex is the brand name for the aluminum containers in which the lunches are sold. Continue reading

Wanted At Post: Children/adolescent books in good condition

Too much weight in your HHE or have your children outgrown their books?

Please consider donating them to the embassy for the purpose of a new library near the Commissary.

Please contact Kelly by email at if you need to arrange for a pickup

Note: A small library of new Scholastic books has already been started from books purchased using the points earned from your Scholastic book orders.  For now, that library is being kept in the CLO Office shelves.  Anyone is very welcome to borrow and return these books. Thank you very much, Kelly, for getting this started!

How to Keep Your Spirits Up During a Job Search

Note: This article has been provided to The Papagaio as part of the Family Liaison Office’s Global Employment Initiative. Learn more about GEI.

How to Keep Your Spirits Up During a Job Search
By Pat Mayfield (Excerpted with permission from

If you’re looking for a job, and it seems like it’s taking forever, don’t despair. Here are some suggestions for keeping your spirit positive:

Think Up
The mind is a powerful vessel. How we think and what we think can control our spirits. We literally can think ourselves up or down. To keep out the negative thoughts and self-doubt:

  • Start and end the day thinking or saying positive statements.
  • Avoid negative media, news, emails, and downer movies and television.
  • Think about the positives a new job brings: new skills, new relationships, and a new chance to show your skills and talents. Continue reading

Recommendation: Pantanal Guide

We had a great guide for our Pantanal trip. He is originally from Haiti, he has lived in Brazil for the past 15 years. Speaks excellent English, French and Portuguese.  Very knowledgeable, great animal spotter and low key, we really enjoyed him.

His contact information:  Jean Duval

If someone is looking for a guide I would recommend him.

Dale Rubin