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Ambassador Shannon Earns Rank of Career Ambassador

Congratulations to Ambassador Shannon, who last week was confirmed by the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee as a Career Ambassador. He joins the ranks of a select group of Senior Foreign Service Officers who have been awarded this rank in recognition of especially distinguished service over a sustained period. Other U.S. Ambassadors to Brazil who have earned the rank of Career Ambassador are James Clement Dunn (1956), Ellis Ormsbee Briggs (1960) and Charles Burke Elbrick (1969). Roughly 55 Ambassadors have earned this rank, and only seven are currently serving in office. For more information about Career Ambassadors, click here.

Thank you, Ambassador Shannon, for your service to our country!

Bio of Ambassador Shannon

Are You Prepared? Visit Online Overseas Crisis Readiness Tool

Recent post evacuations are a reminder that everyone needs to be prepared in the event of a crisis and sudden departure from post.  FSI’s Overseas Crisis Readiness web resource can help you and your family prepare for any crisis while serving overseas. This innovative tool offers details about go-bags, evacuations, and building resilience—plus a downloadable personal crisis preparedness tool that you can customize and print or save for reference. Visit

Reminder: Make sure emergency and safe haven contact information for family members is listed in Post Personnel (managed by the HRO).  In the event of an evacuation or other sudden departure from post, post management and FLO will be able to access this to deliver important, time sensitive information.

Project T.E.A.C.H. Reaches 500 Hours of Service

Leslie reads with children at the school.

I would like to congratulate and thank the volunteers of Project T.E.A.C.H. – in a little over a year we have given over 500 hours of service to the school Estação Vida in Aguas Lindas!!!! It has been amazing to watch the generosity of so many volunteers (40) and donors over the past year! Your generous donations at bake sales at the U.S. Embassy, combined with donations of food from the restaurant Carne de Sol, have allowed us to donate 850 kg fresh produce, 52 dozen eggs, 260kg chicken breast, 90 kg beef to the school over that past year!!!!! This really is amazing and an answer to their prayers! The children and teachers thank you all!!! Thanks for allowing our mission to become a reality – “Trazer Educação Alimentação Carinho e Hope” or “T.E.A.C.H.”

Also, thanks to the J.Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust Fund Grant, we have purchased locking cabinets for the classrooms, as well as beautiful bookshelves to create an inviting and functional reading area/library. We have included the impressive BEFORE and AFTER pictures below. We still plan to purchase textbooks/workbooks and beginner level reading books for the school with the grant money. Thank you J.Kirby Simon Trust Fund!!! Continue reading

Article link: Helping children understand tragedy

This article from the Fred Rogers Company includes tips about helping children understand tragic events they see on the news. It may be useful to in particular to expatriate families whose children can be exposed to serious world issues before their peers.

From the site:

The way that news is presented on television can be quite confusing for a young child. The same video segment may be shown over and over again through the day, as if each showing was a different event. Continue reading

South Side Stories: Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal

By Dakshina Gammanpila

Dakshina Gammanpila

Spring has well and truly sproinged as it tends to do about this time each year in Brasilia – funny thing this seasonal regularity. So much better than circles on the calendar and clock watching is the ability to sense the changing seasons. Animals do it and of course birds do it, bees do it, I believe even educated fleas do it. No, not fall in love (though that comes into it of course), but live their lives according to the changing seasons. This used to be inherent to human existence and in many rural livelihoods this is still very much in evidence. Unfortunately many of us humans have lost or forgotten this ability and need. We rely too much on the ticking hand and not enough on what the skies are telling us or the flowers or the birds and the bees for that matter. In my first couple of years here I used to gawp in awe when friends spoke of the Chuva de Caju ou Manga; or could smell the dryness in the air; or know that it would be raining in Jardim Botanico in 20 minutes but only on one side of the carriageway. It seemed shaman-like and other-worldly –this magical ability. Continue reading

EAB wins big at Model UN Conference

EAB’s MUN Team embraces diplomacy and succeeds in one more MUN Conference

 By: Issa Nasr, EAB Student and MUN Team Leader

A former UN Secretary General once said: “The UN was not created to take humanity to heaven, but to save it from hell”. Continue reading

Kindyroo kid’s gym open in Sudoeste

Presenting a new and exciting activity to do with your children in Brasilia!

Kindyroo is a children’s play gym, offering classes for children between 3 months and 5 years old, that incorporate activities for physical development; songs, parachute games, massage, gymnastics equipment such as slides, climbing frames, swings, skateboards, mini trampolines. Each class is 45 minutes long and you may choose to attend just once a week or twice a week.  Continue reading

Ad: Personal trainer / Boxing coach

Get out the office and breath in the fresh air, while topping up your tan, with the sun beaming, you complete the physical challenge of the day. Punch away your stress, release endorphins, and love that feeling. This could possibly be the most enjoyable way to shred fat and tone up. A typical session will consist of skipping, shadow boxing, pad work, circuit training, core work, and stretching. The classes will be conducted in English, and can be as a group or one to one sessions. So bring out the Rocky in you and contact us now! Tel: 8168-3410 or by email at

Ad: Manicurist

SONIA is my manicurist, she also does cool waxing, eye brown and color your hair. She is very honest and she stays with me when my husband travels.
She goes to your home ; Her cell number : 8624-8234. Or call Vera Marshall at 3248-3236

Language and Culture Q&A: Dúvidas & Perguntas

Language & Culture Q&A

with Luciana Brandão

Q: Generally speaking why do Brazilians have so many “dúvidas?” I myself often have many “perguntas” but not many dúvidas. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. – Kevin Continue reading

Baptist Church holds English worship service on Sundays

The Terceira Igreja Batista de Brasilia holds a weekly English Worship Celebration, Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.  SCES Trecho 2, Cj. 52, Lote 40, Setor de Clubes Sul. Tel: 8111-4336; Email: or Pastor Mark A Evans at More at