Welcome to the Papagaio

The unofficial newsletter of U.S. Embassy Brasilia

Please send submissions, ads, and news to: papagaio@state.gov


News – Announcements and articles about recent embassy and Brasilia occurrences.

Events – Upcoming concerts, fairs, contests, expos, and the like. Also, see:

Classified Ads – All items for sale by members of the papagaio community. If you have placed an ad in the Papagaio and it sells, please let us know so we can remove the ad.  Ads can be placed/removed by emailing us at papagaio@state.gov . You can use the drop down menu on the top navigation bar to see all advertisement categories or click on a category below:

Employment – Job opportunities at the U.S. Embassy Brasilia, on the local economy, and for EFMs/MOHs returning to DC.


Shopping guide –  detailed list and descriptions of farmers’ markets, fairs, malls
Expert Expats – Shopping recommendations by long-time expat residents
Feira do Produtor in Vicente Pires
CLO Map of Feiras and markets – How to get there.

Restaurant guide – a few CLO recommendations in a variety of cuisines (View CLO Restaurant Map)
Expert Expats – Food & Restaurant recommendations by long-time residents
Expert Expats: The Lilley Beer Guide to getting the right chopp and cerveja

Or search the archives for Things to doThings to eat or Things to buy

Click here for a list of  Activity Groups and Clubs 2014

Travel within the city

CLO’s city sightseeing guide & interactive map (includes popular TDYer stops)
Conheça Brasília’s 3-days in Brasilia guide
Brasilia City Tour Bus Hours, location and cost information

Day and weekend trips outside of Brasilia

Popular nearby towns and attractions

Resources for newcomers

Welcome guide – includes:

Schools and Education Information


This blog is the unofficial newsletter blog of the U.S. Embassy Brazil. It is produced and maintained by the Community Liaison Office. Find out more about CLO on our About page. See below for a general guide to what’s on the blog and how to find the information you’re seeking. Contact papagaio@state.gov if you have any questions about the blog.


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  1. Very good site. Congratulations, Lúcio

  2. Well done! Very nice, informative and user-friendly!
    Congratulations and greetings from La Paz, Bolivia! 😮

  3. Props and kudos from Addis Ababa! Excellent work, keep it up!

  4. Thanks to the superb CLO team for keeping everyone so well informed.

  5. Excellent, newsy, and well-received! Keep em coming!!!

  6. Thanks

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